Parvo warning: The Leeds areas where fatal dog disease Parvovirus has been found

A Leeds dog has died and another has become seriously ill after contracting Parvovirus.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 31st August 2018, 2:08 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 2:11 pm
Patch died after picking up Parvo virus in Leeds
Patch died after picking up Parvo virus in Leeds

The disease has been picked up by dogs in various parts of the country - and in the past two weeks, this is where in Leeds Parvo has been found.

If you live near these areas or talk your pet for a walk here, it's still safe to do so but be extra vigilant with checking symptoms and hygiene.

Bramley - Swirly Path

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Patch died after picking up Parvo virus in Leeds

A Leeds dog has died of 'the worst case of Parvovirus' a vet had ever seen, prompting a warning from his heartbroken owner after being taken for a walk through Swirly Path, Bramley.

Eight-year-old collie Patch was taken for a walk by owner Julie Galfsky, 48, through Swirly Path in Bramley.

After Patch got home, the dog developed a serious illness and began vomiting blood.

Julie, from Armley, then rushed eight-year-old Patch to the vet where he died of multiple organ failure.

Daughter Wendy Middleton said: "He became ill yesterday evening, he vomited in front of the TV and then in the kitchen. During the night he was vomiting blood and was rushed to the vets this morning where they said to let him go because his organs were failing.

Andrew and Jenny Tompkins believe their German shepherd puppy Dude became ill after a walk in the woods at Bramley Fall Park.

On Monday morning Jenny, from Bramley, noticed that Dude appeared listless and would not eat or drink. His symptoms worsened and the couple took him to the PDSA vet centre on York Road, where he was diagnosed with parvovirus.

The disease has a high mortality rate if not caught early, and Dude had been given antibiotics and intravenous fluids.

Has your dog been affected by Parvo? Let us know where you live and where they walked so we can build up a picture of the issue across Leeds.

Queen's Park, Pudsey

Carl Scoines said his King Charles Cavalier spaniel Betsy is in a critical condition in a post on the Pudsey Born and Bred community group.

The family live near Queen's Park.

"Devastated to have to put this, but the Parvo outbreak that's happened this past week is real. Our Cavalier, Betsy, has come down with it and is critical at the vets. It isn't looking good. "Bath your dogs and any furniture you have, DO NOT let them out or off the lead when you walk them. Don't walk them at all if possible."

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Get your dog vaccinated immediately. This isn't 100% guaranteed to protect your dog but it will make it much less likely to be contracted

Avoid any areas where unvaccinated dogs could congregate

Disinfect any areas in your garden or porch using a bleach solution