Leeds is among UK's best cities for getting a good night's sleep

Leeds has come second in a study ranking where in the UK gets the best night’s sleep.

Friday, 30th April 2021, 6:00 am

Research shows that the people of Leeds are some of the most likely to enjoy a good night’s rest.

In a study which looked into light pollution and temperature changes, Leeds came in second, just missing out to Newcastle.

Meanwhile, Yorkshire and the Humber was named the third most-rested region in England, coming in behind the North East and South West.

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Leeds sleeps better than most parts of the UK according to new study.

The #WakeUpWell study, conducted by Blinds Direct, analysed light pollution levels, sun hours and mean temperatures to determine which areas had the best chance of a good night’s


However, it’s not just cumulative light pollution levels and temperature fluctuations that we have on offer here in Leeds.

Leeds also boasts a better work/life balance than other cities as only 18 per cent of the city’s workforce were found to be putting in hours of unpaid or paid overtime compared to 24.4 per cent in central London.

When it comes to some quality shut-eye, Leeds has clearly got some things right but there are still steps that can be taken against sleep deprivation.

For Alex Savy, Certified Sleep Science Coach and Founder of SleepingOcean, the most important factor to manage in order to increase the chances of a good night’s sleep is light, is controlling light exposure.

He said: "“Try to get enough daylight by sitting near the window during work or taking walks whenever you can (even on a foggy day, it still might do you some good). Additionally, you might want to limit your screen time and, ideally, avoid taking devices to bed.

“You can use a blue light filter in the evening for extra protection and dim the lights around he house a couple of hours before bedtime.”

Thomas Croft, HR Manager at Blinds Direct adds: “The study has made it evident that it’s not easy to get a good night’s sleep regardless of where you live or what you do for a living,

as all cities and regions are exposed to high levels of light pollution.

“With an imminent return to pre-pandemic life, and people returning to work after a long period of working from home, it’s crucial that we prioritise our sleep schedule and ensure our

homes are conducive to a high quality of sleep. Whether it’s by investing in blackout blinds, or a new mattress; or limiting screen time before bed, there are small and easy changes that

can be made to every routine.”

The study has ranked each region and city from most to least sleep deprived.

Here are how the rankings played out:

1. Newcastle

2. Leeds

3. Manchester

4. Leicester

5. Bristol

6. Birmingham

7. Brighton

8. Norwich

9. Central London