"I couldn't have had better care": YEP readers praise hospitals in Leeds

Our readers showed their support of hospitals in Leeds after we revealed their Care Quality Comission (CQC) ratings.

By Corinne Macdonald
Saturday, 11th May 2019, 3:29 pm
YEP readers have praised hospitals in Leeds after their Care Quality Comission (CQC) ratings were revealed.
YEP readers have praised hospitals in Leeds after their Care Quality Comission (CQC) ratings were revealed.

Of the 12 hospitals in the city rated by the CQC, two were rated outstanding, nine were good and one required improvement.

On Facebook, YEP readers described just how much the city's hospitals mean to them with touching stories of the care they and their loved ones have received.

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Debbie Surtees said: "Apart from their very challenging booking system for treatment, the consultants and staff at The Bexley are totally amazing.

"I wouldn’t be here without them and if you have to go to hospital every month for the rest of your life, you won’t get a much better building. Very thankful."

Carole Vincent also praised the services across Leeds.

She said: "I think we have wonderful hospitals. Yes sometimes they miss things but on the whole, really good."

"I’ve also had a number of ops at the Spire and whilst overall the experience was excellent, the care was more good than outstanding."

Loretta Coyle added: "Cannot fault either of the main hospitals in Leeds. Both have given impeccable care to family members."

St James's University Hospital was the one hospital in the city rated as 'requires improvement' despite being rated good for effectiveness, care and leadership.

However, many residents sang the praises of St James's.

Elaine Greer said: "I’ve had recent surgery at St James's and the care was outstanding in my view.

Bernadette Walker addede: "St James’s is a fantastic hospital, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

"The staff are wonderful and caring, I couldn’t have had better care while I was in hospital three times for different things."

Barry Brewster and Alastair Barrie also rated the service highly.

Mr Barrie said: "St James cancer care is first class. Hospitals can't be blamed when the government keep making cuts."

Whilst Mr Brewster added: "St James's was great with my profoundly deaf partner's colostomy op and after care.

"An eleven hour operation and, 13 months later, a greatly improved life."

Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) also garnered praise from our readers.

Angela Hargreaves said: "The LGI children’s hospital is fantastic and the care is outstanding.

"Neurology, oncology, ward 52 are just amazing."

Nettie Senior shared a touching story of the care her infant son had received at the LGI.

She said: "My four-week-old son was rushed to LGI with dehydration and then to be told he had pyloric stenosis and was to have an operation was heartbreaking.

"The staff on L45 were amazing and looked after my little boy and me (I hate hospitals) for four days.

"It wasn't a long stay there but I can truly say those nurses, surgeons, doctors etc did an amazing job and now he's four months old.

"If it wasn't for those at LGI my little boy wouldn't be where he is now."

Many readers were keen to compliment the staff at the hospitals across Leeds, and suggested blame for poor services should be put on the government rather than the staff.

Barbara Saunders replied: "I think it's down to how much money they get from our government which is not as much as they should get.

"Doctor and nurses are not paid enough. They are worth their weight in gold."

Phil Collins added: "LGI and St James's are fantastic, what these doctors and nurses do is incredible.

"Over stretched, under paid & deeply disrespected by our own government."

Iona Skye Slater said: "I've spent time myself in St James' and the staff are amazing and do all they can with the means they are given."