Smart meter display fault prompts safety recall

Energy supplier E.on has issued an immediate recall of power adaptors linked to its smart meter systems after it discovered they could pose a risk of electric shock.

The two types of adaptors were included with in-home energy displays supplied to track the data from households’ smart meters.

Testing has revealed that in some cases the outer casing of the power adaptors can come loose, exposing the internal wiring and posing a safety risk.

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The affected adaptors were mainly given to customers who had smart meters installed between September 2012 and October 2015. They are model numbers TEKA006-0500500BS and SPS-02C5-0.5CU

Customers who have a display unit using one of these adaptors are being asked to switch off the power supply at the wall, unplug the in-home display, and stop using the power adapter straightaway. Free replacements are being sent out to affected customers from September.

The fault with the adaptors does not affect the operation of the smart meter in any way.

Any affected customers are being contacted by E.on but anyone unsure if they are affected can contact the customer support team on 0345 366 5973.