Family Guy column: Easter can be egg-citing - but not at our place

Easter will pass off quietly in our house.Easter will pass off quietly in our house.
Easter will pass off quietly in our house.
For many readers with younger children, there's probably been a building excitement in the house over the last few days as Easter approaches.

Little ‘uns all over the country are more than likely on countdown for waking up to a pile of Easter eggs this Sunday and then gorging themselves until they feel sick having consumed their bodyweight in chocolate in little more than a few hours.

Whether you’re religious or not (and let’s face it, in modern Britain a very many aren’t) Easter is still one of those events on the calendar when we come together to celebrate with the same old traditions we’ve been doing for years.

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With both my children in their teens or just about nearly there, the days of Easter egg hunts and bonnet making and all the rest are behind us.

That said, they are still both partial to a Creme Egg or two and no doubt, I’ll still end up buying them an egg.

I recall in days gone by fruitlessly searching for eggs featuring their favourite TV characters and having invariably failed, picking up that good old fashioned standby, the Smarties or Cadburys Buttons egg instead.

There would be much fevered scrambling at the cardboard, unfolding the plastic casing and then when all that was removed, being left with a pretty sorry looking foil covered egg nowhere near the size the original box seemed to offer.

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That said, the foil would be rapidly ripped off and the chocolate devoured, invariably accompanied a little whiile later by cries of ‘Dad, I feel sick.’

My eldest has never been a huge fan of chocolate, seeming to have more of a savoury than sweet tooth and last year, the stack of eggs handed over by friends and relatives lain untouched for a fair old while.

If I recall, in the end, I ended up melting the chocolate down and making cornflake buns instead.

His younger brother is the opposite and still enjoys a choc fix - but even he’s not as fussed as he once was.

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As for me, well, I like a bar of chocolate or two but I recall that when I was younger, my love for Easter eggs rapidly waned and my parents would end up giving me cash or something far more useful instead.

So I’m guessing that Easter will pass off pretty much without ceremony or fuss in our house this year.

But that still doesn’t stop me pondering the one thing that has puzzled me for years.

Why do we have an Easter Bunny delivering eggs?

Shouldn’t the more logical choice be an Easter chicken?

What’s a rabbit doing with a stash of eggs?

I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation and yes, I could probably Google and find out the answer, but hey, maybe I’m happy just to live in blissful ignorance and avoid spoiling the magic.

Whatever you are doing this Easter, choc free or not, make sure you have a fun time with the kids.

And please don’t make yourself sick. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

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