Leeds nostalgia: July 1973: Children who ate poisonous seeds had lucky escape

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Some 11 children from Leeds were rushed to hospital after eating a deadly laburnum seeds.

The children, aged two to seven, were all from Creskell Street, Holbeck - they were discovered eating the seeds on Tuesday July 3.

The seeds were believed to have come from a tree in the yard of the Mint clothing factory.

Mrs Nona Harris found her daughter, Christine, eating the seeds and quickly rounded up the rest, who were: Christine Harris, six, Alan (two), Julie (four) and Jane (five) Fawcett, Shay McGuirk (five), Ian (two) and Joanne (five) Broadbent, June Sharpe (seven), Lis (four) and Paula (two) Coe and Diane Oates (seven).

After a dash to the hospital, they were apparently told by doctors they had got the children there just in time.

Mrs Harris said: “We were told we got them there just in time.”

Some of the neighbours approached the Mint clothing factory about chopping the trees cut down.

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