Why international DJ Tom Zanetti prefers a family Christmas back home in Leeds

It's the height of the festive season with parties every night so you would expect an international DJ to be right in the middle of it.

Sunday, 23rd December 2018, 3:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 3:59 pm
Fast cars and fast parties but Zanetti prefers to be at home in Leeds.

But not for Leeds musician, Tom Zanetti. He says after 250 parties in 18 months - he is ready for a night in.

He told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “When you have been to 250 plus parties in 18 months, you really look forward to a night in.”

And that is how Christmas will be spent for the DJ who, despite being behind club music brand ‘Sleepin Is Cheatin’ and bagging himself a Love Island girlfriend, craves being around his 12-year-old son Deaconn and his family.

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Tom Zanetti performing.

He said: “Me and Hayley (Hughes who appeared on the ITV show this summer) are sweet, everything is great and we are looking forward to Christmas.

“I have got invites to parties every single night but on Christmas Eve I get everyone round to my house, brother, sister, the kids and my mum, who will all stay over, and we get up together on Christmas Day and open presents and have a big dinner.

“Last year I took them all to Portugal for a big holiday as a surprise and it was like a scene from Home Alone all of us going through the airport.”

There are plans for Zanetti and Hayley to meet each other’s families over the festive season after a whirlwind summer romance which followed his guest appearance, spinning the tunes in the villa on the television show of the year, Love Island.

It was one of the highlights of a year which saw his career go up a notch.

He said: “It was an amazing experience but one of the highlights of the year has been Creamfields Ibiza. We have done a lot of big stuff in the last couple of years but the main stage at Ibiza for the first time - that is the biggest stage in the world’s party capital.”

However, at the end of summer Zanetti announced he was not taking any more night bookings signalling a shift in his plans for next year.

He said: “I needed time at home with my family. I have not slept in ten years. I would do a gig, come home and take my son to school then stay awake. It is exhausting.”

What's in store for 2019?

In the last few months Tom Zanetti has been in the studio making his own music and working with his cousin DJ Sam Cleary on collaborations to be announced in February.

He said: “For the last three years I have been doing exactly the same set. It has done really well and sold out but after three years it gets difficult to enjoy it and I just wanted to get a buzz for it.

“I have been in the studio and have new music to get out there and start turning it up. I am really excited to release it with singers, collaborations and producers.”