Where is Pickle Cottage? The Essex Mansion Stacey Solomon bought for £1.2M - and how it got its name

Solomon said the move would allow her to raise her three sons closer to her family

By Chelsea Rocks
Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 12:21 pm

Loose Women panellist and I’m a Celeb winner Stacey Solomon has revealed she and her young family will be moving “closer to family” in Essex, as she has purchased a new home.

The mother-of-three recently became engaged to former actor Joe Swash, and the couple have a one-year-old son called Rex.

Solomon also has two other sons, Zachary, 11, and Leighton, eight, from previous relationships.

Swash and Solomon have moved into Pickle Cottage with her two sons, Zach and Leighton, and their on-year-old son, Rex (Picture: Getty Images)

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    She described her new purchase as the family’s “forever home”, as she shared the news on her social media.

    So, where is Pickle Cottage and what is it like inside?

    Where is Pickle Cottage?

    Pickle Cottage is Solomon and Swash’s new Tudor-style mansion, and its name is a tribute to their son Rex, who the pair often refer to as ‘Pickle’.

    The mansion is located in Essex and surrounded by 2.5 acres of land.

    The exterior of the home is strapped with dark wooden beams, with an extended conservatory and paved patio.

    Solomon told her followers on Instagram that the property is “further from the city and closer to their family" in Essex.

    What is the inside like?

    Solomon has commented on how the house needs some “TLC”, hinting at the likelihood that she and Swash will need to invest in some home renovations.

    Sharing the news on Instagram, she said: "I think we just thought for so long that something would go wrong so today just didn't feel real. But it is real.

    "The house needs lots of love and TLC which I cannot wait to show it to you with. But Pickle Cottage is going to be ours and we cannot wait."

    The house throughout appears to be structurally sound but could do with a more contemporary look.

    The family dining room boasts two atmospheric chandeliers, as well as a stunning view of the property’s land.

    The traditional-style beams continue throughout all levels of the property, from the beechwood kitchen to the impressive master bedroom, with an extensive dressing area.

    The mansion’s decor is largely old-fashioned, with aged wooden cabinets fitted in the sitting room and floral patterned curtains and bedding in the bedrooms.

    The main bathroom is also old, but does boast a large double shower.

    The floral patterns are not reserved to the living spaces either, but extends to the main bathroom’s toilet and sink.

    Solomon and her brood will also be able to enjoy the vast space of her drawing room, which is lined with library shelves and display cabinets.

    The heating throughout also appears to be outdated, with electric radiators and tired looking windows.

    The mansion is indeed in need of some tender loving care, but the 31-year-old posted pictures of her family in their new garden and she couldn’t look happier to have purchased the impressive home.

    She said on her Instagram story: “Your messages have me actually sobbing. Joe is laughing his head off at the state I'm in.

    "I can't wait to have a whole new project and adventure to start with you all."

    How much did Pickle Cottage cost?

    Though there is no confirmation on how much Solomon paid for her “forever home”, but it was reportedly listed as being worth £1.2 million.