These new fun adventure trails in Roundhay Park are completely free

Free Adventure trails are new to discover in Roundhay Park, created largely for children, by children.

Funding for the trails was raised by the Friends of Roundhay Park, but pupils from Gledhow and Talbot Primary Schools got involved, along with Yorkshire Trails, in the design and implementation.

The trails are free to use by all park visitors, with clue sheets from the Lakeside Cafe, Tropical World and the Mansion art gallery.

Three large information boards are placed within the park.

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There are two trails; the first is an imagination trail called The Magical Fountains of Roundhay. It is aimed at under six year olds, and is fully wheelchair and pushchair accessible.

Then there is an adventure trail where children of six and above have to solve The Secret of Roundhay Castle by undertaking a number of tasks.

Yorkshire Trails held clue writing workshops with year five pupils at Talbot and Gledhow Schools to design clues, some of which were used in the trails.

Jimmy Middleton, upper key stage two phase leader, said: “Roundhay Park is an integral part of all Talbot’s children’s lives, so being able to take part in such an exciting competition that will bring other people to the park was too good an opportunity to miss. The children thoroughly enjoyed the treasure trail clue workshop and were very excited to see the fruits of their labour.”

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Sarah Black, year five teacher at Gledhow Primary School said: “Our children really enjoyed the challenge in the knowledge that some of their clues were used in the trails.”

FORP encourage children to upload photos to social media with the hashtag #littlefriendstrails. The answer sheets, certificates of completion and further information can be found on the FORP website. For more information, visit:

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