New charity Love Leeds Parks to hold activity day event at Golden Acre Park

A new independent charity is set to hold an activity day at Golden Acre Park in support of funding for green spaces across Leeds.

By Daniel Sheridan
Tuesday, 17th August 2021, 4:45 pm

New charity Love Leeds Parks raises awareness about the benefits of parks and is the first charity to generate support and funding for parks and green spaces across Leeds.

Parks and green spaces have been a "lifeline for families throughout the pandemic and continue to offer valuable outdoor spaces for people of all ages", the charity said.

The charity is set to host an event in Golden Acre Park on September 4, the weekend before the new school term starts.

Volunteers from Rodley Nature Reserve planting their birch tree copse.

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    The day will be full of family activities including a competition to name the Love Leeds Parks duck mascot, a scavenger hunt and guided walks around the Park.

    The main focus of the event is the “Give a Little Back” campaign, which aims to raise funding for the charity’s next community grant scheme to enhance public green spaces throughout the city.

    Love Leeds Parks chair Lynda Kitching said: “Parks and green spaces don’t receive statutory funding, so it’s our aim to support enhancements to public parks and green spaces for the benefit of all residents and visitors to the city.

    "We are proud to fundraise for community initiatives across Leeds.”

    Parks and green spaces benefit people, wildlife and the environment.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic public green spaces have been more important than ever by providing a space to relax and maintain health and well-being, the charity said.

    Love Leeds Parks created the ‘Give a Little Back’ campaign in response to the pandemic, with funds raised being distributed as grants to community projects.

    Last year the charity gave out 13 grants of between £500-£2,000 to local community groups.

    This year, Love Leeds Parks hopes to raise £25,000.

    Lynda says “Our goal may seem ambitious, but if all 798,786 people who live in the city donated just £1 to our ‘Give a Little Back’ campaign, imagine what we could achieve with nearly £800,000.

    "There are over 600 parks, woodlands and other green spaces in Leeds.

    "It’s vital that all of us take our part in looking after them.”

    For further information on Love Leeds Parks or to make a donation see their website:

    The Love Leeds Parks launch event is 10am – 4:30pm on Saturday September 4 in Golden Acre Park.