Days Out: Old Mother Shipton's Cave & York Dungeon cast a spell

Old Mother Shipton's Cave in Knaresborough and The York Dungeon have joined forces to create a spectacular new show based on this mysterious prophetess.

Come face-to-face with Mother Shipton’s powers at two Yorkshire attractions this summer (2018). Old Mother Shipton dwelled in a cave in Knaresborough and was said to have foretold scarily accurate prophecies about the world – including everything from the Great Fire of London to the invention of the internet. Delving further into her mysterious life, the new show at The York Dungeon brings you up close with her spooky powers.

The new show inspired by Mother Shipton’s Cave is the 2nd show from ‘Yorkshire Rogues & Legends’, The York Dungeon’s yearlong campaign aiming to bring the stories of famous Yorkshire characters back into the limelight. As part of the new partnership, visitors to Mother Shipton’s Cave in Knaresborough will receive a 40 per cent discount to their entry at The York Dungeon as well.

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When you visit Mother Shipton’s Cave itself in Knaresborough you’ll be able to discover the wishing well and the wonderful parkland as well as the petrifying well – where everyday items have been turned to stone by the magical waters. This even includes a stone shoe left by Queen Mary herself in 1923. You can also imagine the life of Old Mother Shipton herself who was brought up in this spooky cave.

And when you take a trip to The York Dungeon you’ll be transported back in time to discover more of Yorkshire’s wicked and wonderful historic characters. Mother Shipton’s Cave and The York Dungeon’s new partnership brings together extraordinary and lively tales from the past as well as a brilliant offer to enjoy both attractions for less.

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