Bingo Loco Pryzm rave comes to Leeds with two-week holiday prizes, throwback tunes and surprise performances

Bingo Loco, Pryzm LeedsBingo Loco, Pryzm Leeds
Bingo Loco, Pryzm Leeds
A bingo rave is coming to Pryzm in Leeds this evening - and it's giving partygoers the chance to take part in a show and win some massive prizes.

From a giant six-foot teddy bear to a two-week holiday abroad for two with flights included, Pryzm Leeds is going to be full of winners this evening.

The Bingo Loco event will feature confetti showers, speed Macarena, surprise on-stage performances from dancers and DJs, an abundance of throwback tunes and of course - games of bingo.

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Co-founder William Meara says it brings back that feel-good nostalgia with neon costumes, audience involvement, and is an overall bingo spectacle.

He told the YEP: "We have a big room and a big party space and it's almost like festival meets bingo.

"People from Leeds can expect mental prizes, an interactive stage show, challenges and more.

"You're sitting around a table with your pals, next to some new pals and having a real social experience.

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“All Covid restrictions are being followed and it’ll be like an early return to events and social confidence and getting back to normality as that’s what people really need at the moment.”

Bingo Loco is coming to Leeds as part of a UK tour this summer.

The event has already filled theatres and venues across the world previously - from New York to Dubai and Sydney.

Mr Meara said: “Looking at Leeds and the kind of people in Leeds - they want more from their nights out.

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“Rather than buying a ticket and going and looking at a show, they want to be part of a show and that’s what has rocketed in recent years.

“The fact that our type of entertainment is interactive and immersive means that the people of Leeds can be part of something bigger.”

He added: “People will realise that they can be at an event but also feel safe and feel good, and then they can slowly release their inhibitions and feel comfortable in a setting with a lot of people.

“We’re so super excited and there will be secret on-stage prizes on the stage on the night unique to Leeds.

“They’re the weirdest and wackiest ever and it’s all about carnage and chaos.”

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