13 of the most haunted buildings in Leeds to spook you this Halloween

Last year, Leeds was ranked as the 13th most haunted city in the UK.

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 11:45 am
13 of the most haunted buildings and places in Leeds

The city is said to be full of haunted houses, deserted buildings and ghostly tales. With the spookiest day of the year just round the corner, we visit 13 of the most haunted buildings in Leeds. Each building has a uniquely ghoulish story - do you know of any other haunted buildings in Leeds?

A security guard reported opening up the empty building one morning and hearing the sound of somebody exhaling sharply right behind him. It is rumoured to be the ghost of a former lecturer who died in the building around 1920.
Thought to be haunted by the ghost of Michael Hill, a local actor, singer and entertainer who died in the pub in 1948. Both bar staff and drinkers have reported spotting a ghostly apparition lurking about inside The Palace.

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Said to be one of the most haunted places in Leeds, the building was once a workhouse and then Leeds Asylum. There have been many ghostly sightings, particularly of a man in a white coat and a woman seen in a top window.
Located opposite Kirkstall Abbey, locals throughout history have spoken of hearing noises from midnight onwards from the museum, such as doors slamming, footsteps and noises.
Rumours have it that a little boy - who died in the mill - has been sighted sat crying in the corner of the mill. There have also been sightings of a man in a top hat walking around and a woman in a black dress.
Located opposite The Adelphi, this pub has had reports of a little girl being seen looking out of the window upstairs, despite the rooms being empty, as well as blood dripping from the ceiling onto drinkers.
Leeds Town Hall is said to have its very own ghost - Mary Blythe, who threw herself from the clock tower in 1876. According to the story, the clock doesn't strike at midnight so as not to wake her up.
There are a number of ghosts rumoured to haunt Leeds City Varieties. One is said to play the piano late at night, while another lady creates a cloud of cold air as she walks through the stalls.
Perhaps Leeds' most famous ghost - the Blue Lady of Temple Newsam starved herself to death after she lost her precious pearls. She is said to haunt the estate today, slamming doors and screaming for her lost pearls.
This building is legendary amongst students and lecturers for its supernatural incidents. Professional ghost hunters have investigated the premises and there are many reports of ghostly figures being seen and felt on the staircase
Kirkstall Abbey has stood since the 12th century and there have been sightings of ghostly monks roaming the grounds. A woman called Mary - who turned her murderous husband into the authorities - is also said to haunt the Abbey
Several members of staff have reported spotting the ghost of an elderly and balding man walking around the building. The ghost is affectionately referred to as 'Fred' by one security guard.
Boasting a ghoulish line-up which includes a grey lady, a phantom figure of Guy Fawkes and a mysterious cloaked spectre, The Abbey Inn has seen its fair share of strange goings-on throughout its history.