Leeds Bierkeller and Leeds Shooters bar have closed

Waitresses at the Bierkeller, Leeds, with some two pint steins.Waitresses at the Bierkeller, Leeds, with some two pint steins.
Waitresses at the Bierkeller, Leeds, with some two pint steins.
Bavarian-themed bar Leeds Bierkeller and Shooters Bar have closed.

The Bierkeller Entertainment Complex on the corner of the Headrow and Park Row incorporates Shooters sports bar, Smokin' Bar and Kitchen and the German-themed beer cellar.

The former parent company, Burning Night Ltd, went into administration in October 2018, but the bars stayed open.

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Leeds-based Access Commercial Investors 6 took over shortly after.

But a spokesman said that on Friday they had been refused a permanent tenancy in the building.

“We had no advance knowledge and were given no warning of this and, as a result, everyone has been left in unnecessary limbo by the sudden closure,” he said.

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“It was always our intention to remain in the existing premises for as long as possible and try to secure a permanent tenancy.

"Our primary concern when we took over the business was to keep it running and to secure the jobs of everyone working at each site.

“This decision has left us unable to do this, it has been taken out of our hands, and it is obviously not the outcome we were looking for.

“Bierkeller Leeds employs 60 people and their roles, as they were, now no longer exist with no notice which we believe was completely unnecessary.

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"Even if the final outcome could not have been avoided, we feel there could have been a more open communication and the wind down process could have been more controlled to minimise the impact on staff.”

Bierkeller was popular for its two pints steins, bar staff in traditional Bavarian dress and Oompah band, while Shooters was a draw for sports lovers.

The spokesman stressed that the other four city centre sites - Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham - were unaffected by the closure of Leeds, and that negotiations were still in ongoing to secure their permanent tenancies.

He added: “We are currently in discussions with staff from Leeds to assess possible alternative employment options elsewhere in the business."

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