Banned items, bag checks, public nudity and bringing your own alcohol at Leeds Pride 2019

Leeds Pride 2018 on Vicar Lane.
Leeds Pride 2018 on Vicar Lane.
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Leeds Pride 2019 takes place this weekend but there are rules and guidelines about what can be taken into the event spaces.

The organisers of the LGBTQ+ celebrations have issued rules and guidelines for those wanting to join in the fun.

Bag checks and queues

There are checkpoints to get into the Lower Briggate party who will do full-bag searches.

Organisers of Leeds Pride said: "Please be aware that access to the Lower Briggate event space will be controlled by security checkpoints and we will be operating full searches including bag checks and random searches will be in place so please only bring with you what you really need. This will really help us to carry out searches and bag checks quickly."

There will also be queues to get into the Lower Briggate event space but organisers have assured guests that they will get in.

Alcohol and drinking

You can not take your own alcohol into either of the event spaces at Millenium Square or Lower Briggate.

There will be outside bars to purchase alcohol from.

Organisers have advised people to eat first and pace themselves if they do plan to drink alcohol.

There will be a Yorkshire Water bar to refill any water bottles.

Public nudity and sun protection

Leeds Pride organisers said: "The sun always shines on Leeds Pride, so make sure you have enough sunscreen with you and as guidance, ‘swimsuit coverage’ is the minimum requirement.

"There are clear legal guidelines around public nudity, taking part in sexual acts in public, and flashing, which everyone is expected to abide by."


Drugs will not be tolerated at Leeds Pride.

Organisers reserve the right to confiscate any containers that they consider to contain alcohol or drugs.

Bringing your own food

Packed lunches, water and soft drinks are allowed into the event spaces.

Drinks must be sealed in plastic bottles.

Personal water bottles must be empty to enter and then refilled at the Yorkshire Water bar.

Drinks for babies and young children are permitted.

The organisers said that only small amounts of food will be allowed in.

There will be food outlets and ice cream vans to purchase food from in Lower Briggate.

No glass can be taken into the event.

Organisers reserve the right to confiscate any containers that they consider to contain alcohol or drugs.

Clean up after yourself

Organisers have requested that everyone takes home their own rubbish and waste to help the environment.

They asked that people take home any flags, costumes, freebies or leaflets you may have picked up on the day.

People have been advised to bring their own refillable water bottles.

Violence and safety

Leeds Pride organisers said: "We will not tolerate any threatening, violent or offensive behaviour against its volunteers, staff, parade participants, police, security personnel or members of the public.

"Anyone that is aggressive, incapacitated, threatening or a threat to their own health will not be permitted to take part in the event.

"Anyone found to be taking part in illegal activity will be reported to the police."

Are dogs allowed

Dogs on leads are welcome.