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The York Dungeon is a 75-minute journey into more than 2000 years of York's darkest history, bringing together iconic characters, immersive 360-degree sets and thrilling special-effects - with some frightfully amazing ticket offers.

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Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 1:24 pm
The Curse Of The Witch

The best way to book is online. There you will find the best price for admission, along with a few sneaky surprises, plus all the opening times at

York Dungeon is a unique and exciting actor led attraction where you see, hear, feel and smell the experience.

Since opening in 1986, it has entertained millions of people for all over the world.

Scream and laugh as you come face to face with Vikings, Romans, Witches, Kinds, Queens and he likes of a gong farmer, whose job was to shovel…well, let’ s just say that it wasn’t very nice.

Those who dare to descend into this murky pit will meet some of York’s most infamous and terrible rogues, rascals and rotten scoundrels:

Eleven live shows, which take visitors around the venue, feature famous Yorkshire characters.

The York Dungeon

Keep an eye out for highwayman Dick Turpin as you listen to a stagecoach driver's grim tales.

Be prepared to meet vicious Viking warrior Snore Short Sword. His arrogance and dim wittedness is as hilariously funny as it is dangerous. He’ll introduce you to the most unpleasant of tortures…viper pits, slavery, and much, much more.

Then there's Margaret Clitherow, an unassuming butcher’s wife, leading a double life in the city of York. To the hidden Catholic community, she is a leader of the faith, who hides those who wish to worship in secret. She has managed to avoid getting caught, so far…

You’ll come face-to-face with the frightful Judge, uncover the wicked methods of the Torturer, but beware the Golden Fleece’s ghost.

Keep an eye out for highwayman Dick Turpin asyou listen to a stagecoach driver's grim tales

New for 2019 experience The Curse of the Witch; a new show that brings evil and terror to the York Dungeon. It’s 1649 and Isabella Billington has been accused of murder and witchcraft. She claims innocence, but not all is as it seems…

In 17th Century Yorkshire, fears of Witchcraft are very much real. Scores of women and men are being accused, locked up and executed, for a seemingly impossible crime. And you're about to meet one such unfortunate soul. She claims this is all a mistake, after all, witches don't really they? Watch and wait, these are the final moments before her execution, maybe she will convince you she's innocent.

Personal photography is not allowed within the Dungeon - but you can strike a pose for a hilarious keepsake photo to savour the memory of your visit.

Those needing a drink to calm their nerves or in need of a snack can visit the venue's Dungeon Tavern.

Live interactive shows bring York's dark history to life

The attraction is only a 10 minute walk from York Railway Station and five minutes from major car parks.

Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children aged four and under not admitted. The York Dungeon is not recommended for those under the age of eights. Parental discretion is advised.


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