Selling Sunset season 4: will there be a 4th series of the reality show - and will Christine and the cast return?

The first three seasons of the estate agent reality show has been a hit with viewers and Netflix have now confirmed a double renewal of the show

Friday, 12th March 2021, 8:37 am
The cast of Selling Sunset are expected to return for a fourth and fifth season (Picture: Instagram)

Netflix has announced that reality drama Selling Sunset,will return for a fourth season - and a fifth.

The announcement came on 10 March, after the first three series proved a hit with viewers.

Documenting the personal and professional lives of 10 estate agents from Los Angeles-based real estate agency, The Oppenheim Group, as they sell lavish mansions in Hollywood, Selling sunset promises viewers plenty more drama in its fourth instalment.

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So, when will season four be on Netflix, what is it about and which cast members will return? This is what you need to know.

What is Selling Sunset about?

*Season Three spoilers below*

Selling Sunset is a reality show centered around LA-based real estate agency, The Oppenheim Group.

The glamorous agents sell luxury, multi-million dollar Hollywood homes, while also inviting the cameras to film the intimate details of their personal lives.

Viewers watch as the three male and seven female employees argue amongst themselves and create drama.

As season three drew to a close, the diva of the group, Christine Quinn, married her husband Christian Richard, and the two are now expecting their first child.

Meanwhile, Mary Fitzgerald has told how she has recently moved into a new home with her hubby Romain Bonnet.

Netflix UK and Ireland announced on its Twitter feed on 10 March, “NEWS: Selling Sunset has been renewed for *two* more seasons!”

While filming hasn’t yet begun, the cast have confirmed that they don’t expect the ongoing Covid pandemic to have an impact on filming for the fourth or fifth series.

Jason Oppenheim, co-founder of the estate agency that features in the programme, told Metro: “I don’t anticipate the coronavirus having too much of an effect.

“I don’t foresee any restrictions on filming because I think that we’re all together anyway, most of us. We’re interacting already, so I don’t think we’re at much risk simply having cameras around.”

Will the same cast return for season 4?

While it is largely expected that most of the 10 agents will return to our screens for the upcoming season, there’s speculation that Maya Vander won’t return.

The mother-of-two has been travelling from her home in Florida to Los Angeles to take part in the show but has since said the commute is taking its toll.

However, Vander did say she would be open to discussions about a solo spin-off series, filmed in Miami.

Vander said: “I just need nicer, sexy listings and a couple of crazy girls and we’re all set.

“I think there is a lot of real estate, great properties [in Miami] to film.”

In another interview, she told Metro: “With two children right now, it’s going to be difficult for me to relocate my life again to LA. We have a house right now in Miami, my husband is here and we’ve been doing the whole back and forth.

“I was a bit more flexible and so was he, but his job is very serious and we have another baby. We will see.”

Christine Quinn also called for her own spin-off show, because she's "tired of sharing screen time,” and Chrishell Stause has hinted that some people will not be returning as there has been some “splintering” within the team.

It has not been confirmed whether there will be new agents joining the firm for the fourth season.

Has a trailer been released for season 4?

No, there has been no further information released regarding the next series and no confirmation as to when filming will begin.

The series is expected to be eight episodes long, in keeping with the previous three seasons.

Where can I watch Selling Sunset?

All three seasons of Selling Sunset are now available on the Netflix streaming service.

Seasons four and five will also be available in the future, on Netflix.