Scarborough Spa Orchestra season revealed - when you can hear it play

A musician from the Scarborough Spa Orchestra plays in the summer seasonA musician from the Scarborough Spa Orchestra plays in the summer season
A musician from the Scarborough Spa Orchestra plays in the summer season
The summer season of music from the legendary Scarborough Spa Orchestra will begin on Sunday August 4 with a concert at 11am.

Harking back to the days when pretty well every seaside resort in the land had its own orchestra, Scarborough is recognised as the only professional ensenble left.

The description ‘legendary’ is, for once, well-earned. The Spa Orchestra was created in 1912 by Alick Maclean.

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The first ensemble of 35 professional musicians gave daily concerts in the Grand Hall and Sun Court. Concert programmes included music from the classical repertoire, Viennese waltzes, operettas, and popular songs of the day.

The orchestra has been entertaining summer visitors for 112 years, with very short breaks for some of the World War Two war years and the Covid pandemic.

Its heydey was under the volinist Max Jaffa with appearances on BBC Radio’s Friday Night is Music Night.

The Spa Orchestra still provides entertainment with music that's bright, lively and full of good tunes.

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Some popular pieces of classical music are played and music from West End and Broadway shows, radio and TV and movie themes – toe-tapping, tuneful and timeless.

Popular morning concerts take place in the Spa Sun Court – weather permitting – Sundays through to Wednesdays from 11am.

The Orchestra show off with many of its great favourites in a programme called Melodies For You each Monday in the Grand Hall from 7.45pm

Gala Nights are every Wednesday also held in the Grand Hall from 7.45pm.

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Each gala oncert has a different theme, and the season gets off to a cracking start with Three Tenors at the Spa. Great voices, famous tenor songs and, of course, Nessun Dorma.

The Teddy Bears Picnics will be held in the Sun Court on Sundays from August 4 to September 1 at 2pm.

They are also held each Tuesday from September 10 to 25 at 1.30pm.

The concerts are aimed at introducing young children to music and musical activities.

Tickets for all concerts available on 01723 376774 and online at

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