Review Dave Kelly: The Dubliners Story, St George's Hall, Bradford

If you claim to have any kind of Irish heritage - such as I do, albeit couple of generations back - or even if you you just love great music, then this show is a must-see.
Seven Drunken Nights - The story of the Dubliners at St George's Hall, BradfordSeven Drunken Nights - The story of the Dubliners at St George's Hall, Bradford
Seven Drunken Nights - The story of the Dubliners at St George's Hall, Bradford

It delivers such classics as The Fields of Athenry, many other memorable songs performed including Belle Of Belfast City, Banks Of the Roses, Star Of The County Down and a truly heartfelt The Town I Loved So Well, sung as a poignant tribute to founding band member Luke Kelly who tragically died aged 43 in 1984 after a long illness.

For people of a certain age with Celtic parents this is the music we were raised to. And what a show it is too.

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I came primarily to accompany my dad, who knew near enough every lyric to every song

Many such old tunes are the backbone of today's music that simply cannot stand up to these stalwarts of the last 50 years

Veteran performer Ged Graham, taking on the role of narrator as well as playing five string banjo/guitar and strong vocals, was rightly proud to introduce us all to his grandson Adam Evans (guitar/vocals).

You could see him proudly passing on not only his own history but that of a musical powerhouse

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The stage show gives a simple but powerful delivery to tell the story and songs of The Dubliners

A group of quality musicians sing and play various acoustic instruments while the stage behind them recreates pub surroundings, mirroring and recreating the energy of the famous O`Donoghues.

Archive black and white photographs and press clippings are projected on a screen behind the musicians, adding an atmospheric layer to the show.

The average age of the crowd is 50-plus, watching the visuals on display capturing powerful history and heritage of a time of uncertainty in Ireland.

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The show is a great night out as we discover facts about the comings and goings of the band and what shapes a particular era of storytelling.

The band has an ability to tell stories that definitely have to be captured and preserved for future generations looking back at what musically is the melting pot for future stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and The Beatles to name but a few.

With foot-stomping sing-alongs aplenty and the odd tear shed along the way, this is unmissable.

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