Review: Brutus Gold's Love Train performs at Millennium Square in Leeds

The word “legend” is thrown around too easily in this day and age, writes Dave Kelly.
Brutus Gold's Love Train performing in Leeds at Millenium SquareBrutus Gold's Love Train performing in Leeds at Millenium Square
Brutus Gold's Love Train performing in Leeds at Millenium Square

But for Brutus Gold this title is well and truly fitting and, more importantly earned, the master returning to his spiritual home to show us yet again why he is the king of the live disco stage show

Back in the day the legendary club night - my very first night out when I left my school at 16 - has always held a soft spot in my heart. And rightly so!

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Disco music is the story of songs that tell stories, songs of love and heartbreak and bangers that help you forget the blues of life.

And, let's face it, the past couple of years have certainly shown us that you should party while you still can!

Having been to the Love Train in December, and it being a superb night, it was a no- brainer to get down to Millennium Square. The team down there have given us a great range of events over the summer, this show being the one to crown them all.

What Brutus and the gang reminds us is that music can lift you, if even only for a few hours, away from the humdrum of life and cast you back to a simpler time.

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No distractions from social media and the need to capture every minute of every day, you can simply be yourself in surroundings and literally get "lost in music".

In an age where even a tongue in cheek remark can get you shouted down by the PC Brigade, Brutus is mindful to include everyone in the fun, being inclusive and fun for everyone.

He provides us with a soundtrack to not just our youth, but a celebration of youth throughout time.

My 16 year-old daughter came with her friend and, although I thought she would be standing at the back checking her phone every two minutes, she was down the front, dancing to banger after banger, marvelling at the dancers and having the time of her life.

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And rightly so! The younger generation were right at home as much as some of the older crowd, great music being the biggest equaliszer of all.

With star support from disco royalty such as Chad Valley, Beverly Hills, Inger Sol and Disco Dick as well as exquisite newcomer Tony Martini slotting in flawlessly putting some hustle behind the muscle.

I`ve been to Love Train a lot of times and it amazes me how it's getting better the older I get.

The show is first class and the routines have the power to transport crowds back to glorious and carefree days of platform shoes and polyester.

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Music always goes round in cycles with modern artists sampling classics of funk , soul and disco.

Following on from its unforgettable introduction in 1989, Love Train sparked a revival of classic disco across the UK. With regular slots in cities including Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh, the disco event quickly rose to prominence as one of the best club nights of its kind.

Brutus and the gang return to Leeds on Saturday December 17 for Love Train Christmas Disco Ball.

Love train never fails to come up with the goods so get you tickets booked for the next show via site.