Music interview: Kath and The Kicks

A meeting at a bar in Guiseley in February 2012 was to prove fateful for musicians Kath Edmonds, Tom Duffissey and Lee Proctor.

Thursday, 16th June 2016, 7:30 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:41 pm
Kath and the Kicks

Shortly afterwards they decided to form a band – and Kath and The Kicks was born.

The trio all had previous experience – Edmonds had been performing as a singer-songwriter for nearly a decade after graduating with a degree in popular music and recording from Salford University while bass player Duffissey and drummer Proctor had histories in bands.

Musically they’ve been described as Joan Jett meets Skunk Anansie meets The Cramps.

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Initially, says Edmonds, they dipped into the catalogue of songs she’d written as a solo artist. “Then as time’s progressed and we’re obviously a lot more comfortable with each other now it probably took about two years to start writing together. I still write the main ideas but it’s a lot more fuid when it gets to practice, somebody might come up with a motif or something like that.”

Their first EP was called Playing Billy. “That was when we had another member in the band,” says Edmonds. “It took us a while after we went down to a three-piece and I transitioned from acoustic to electric guitar for us to get back on track but since then it works really well for us. You write four tunes, you gig them then you record them.”

A new EP, 20 Years of Screaming, is out now – and is available digitally or from the band’s website.

The lead track, All My Time, was picked as demo of the week by Shed Seven singer Rick Witter on his radio show on Minster FM. The band have also appeared on Made in Leeds TV station. “They do a section periodically called Alive and Kicking and when we recorded it it was in Wakefield at Warehouse 23. That was shown in Leeds and I think it was on in Newcastle and Brighton as well, so that was a really good opportunity.”

The band have also gigged in London and Manchester. On Saturday they play at the Live in Barnsley, a free indoor festival. For details visit

Their next Leeds gig is at Verve Bar on July 9, admission is free. On July 16 they’re at Pandora Festival at Duncarron Medieval Village in Scotland while on September 17 they’re due to play on the main stage at Saltaire Festival. “We’ve played there before and we’re booked again this year,” says Edmonds. “That’s a great festival.”

Regarding the band’s ambition, she says: “Music is a way of life for us and my real dream is to tour the world and see as much as we can with music as our platform. We want to record with the best and write music that makes a dent in the music industry so people know who we are and what we are about. We are about rock. A proper rock band like bands used to be.”

For further information on the band visit