Katy J Pearson: ‘We’re so happy to be playing shows again’

Live music is back – the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds plays host to Katy J Pearson on Friday June 4.

Katy J Pearson
Katy J Pearson

I caught up with the singer-songwriter about her plans for the year ahead and the challenges of the pandemic from an artist’s perspective.

First of all, how are you? Have you been writing much during lockdown, and did the time afforded to you give you any new perspectives on your writing?

I’m good thank you – yes! First lockdown = absolutely zero songs but as time progressed and I got used to my new way of life ideas started to congregate outside my door.

You have a beautiful mix of the folk era style vocals of Alison Goldfrapp and Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. What are your influences and where do you draw inspiration?

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    Things that have influenced me over the years include Kate bush, Arcade fire, Devon, Stroud and the countryside in general.

    Your album titled Return came out in 2020. It’s fitting then that you are returning like most artists in 2021 to live touring. You will be playing at the Brudenell Social Club, a stoically independent venue with a great ethic. How important is it that places like this exist for artists?

    It is incredibly important – these grassroots venue spaces help to pave the way for up and coming artists / put a foot in the door for their careers. It’s vital to have a good community to play in front of.

    If you could curate you own mini festival, using any venue and three artists of your choice living or dead, where would you play and who would you take with you?

    How about The Greek Theatre with Crosby Stills and Nash, Kathleen Hanna and Sandy Denny? With all of my family and friends.

    Was it a strange experience doing a livestreamed gig? Not being able to have that direct interaction must be quite isolating in of itself.

    Absolutely – it’s really weird. It was a good way of keeping connected to my fans but ultimately live shows win all!

    How did you get to working with comedian Joe Lycett for your music video for Miracle, who approached who and why?

    Joe approach me because he kept hearing my song Take Back The Radio on BBC 6 + was starting to make music videos. He was a total pleasure to work with –we have a similar sense of humour and he was is a joy of a man

    What can fans expect from a Katy J Pearson show? For some fans your gig will be their first return to live music, do you have any surprises or ideas planned?

    Hopefully a show full of joy because we’re so happy to be playing shows again!

    Katy J Pearson plays at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds on Friday June 4. www.facebook.com/katyjpearsonband