Grand Theft Auto Leeds would feature Elland Road heist and Mel B cameo according to ChatGPT

It’s been set against fictionalised cityscapes like Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco – but could Leeds be the next backdrop for Grand Theft Auto?

The popular video game sees players dive into a world of crime and chaos, competing to rise through the criminal underworld as they pull off heists and race cars through the busy city streets.

It’s been met with both acclaim and controversy – while it’s one of the most profitable games of all time, it’s also been accused of glamorising violence.

Just as in the metropolitan capitals of the United States, Leeds is a city that has its fair share of criminal activity. We wanted to know what a GTA game would like if it was set in West Yorkshire, so asked ChatGPT to generate some ideas.

It came up with the rather unimaginative title “Grand Theft Auto: Leeds Chronicles” and gave as its setting: “A fictionalized version of Leeds, encompassing iconic landmarks like Leeds Town Hall, Kirkgate Market, the Corn Exchange, and the University of Leeds, as well as surrounding areas like the Yorkshire Dales.”

The artificial intelligence tool said the game would “revolve around a protagonist who returns to Leeds after years away, only to find the city embroiled in a web of corruption, gang warfare, and political intrigue”. The main character would become “entangled” in this underworld while also navigating personal quests and relationships.

It said that different gangs would control various parts of the city, while the game would capitalise on Leeds’ unique character including local radio stations, Yorkshire slang and “missions rooted in the city’s history”.

ChatGPT also gave a series of challenges relating to certain attractions in Leeds. Here are some of the best ones –