Godzilla vs Kong: release date, cast and trailer for the 2021 movie - and if it will come out in cinemas

It’s one of 2021’s most anticipated movies – here’s hoping it actually makes it to the big screen
(Image: Warner Bros. Pictures)(Image: Warner Bros. Pictures)
(Image: Warner Bros. Pictures)

With cinema release dates changed in just about every conceivable way due to the Covid-19 crisis, blockbuster fans are clamouring for the next big-budget, special effects laden release.

Well, it doesn’t get much bigger than two of the fiercest onscreen monsters in cinematic history duking it out on screen, and that’s exactly what film fans will be getting when Godzilla vs. Kong arrives in cinemas (fingers crossed) later this year.

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Serving both as a sequel to 2017’s Kong: Skull Island and 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters, it's the fourth film in Legendary Pictures’ so-called ‘MonsterVerse’, centred around the nuclear powered dinosaur and the oversized ape.

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Here is everything you need to know about it.

What will happen in Godzilla vs Kong?

Godzilla vs Kong will see the mythical kaiju adversaries of the title meet in “a spectacular battle for the ages”, with the fate of the world “hanging in the balance.”

That’s according to the film’s official synopsis, which gives some idea of what fans can expect to happen.

Kong – the last of his species who is now working with a band of human protectors following the events of Skull Island – undertakes a perilous journey to find his true home, accompanied by Jia, a young orphaned girl with whom he has formed a unique and powerful bond.

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But Godzilla is on the rampage, imbued with new power since becoming the King of the Monsters at the end of 2019’s movie of the same name, and the two huge beasts find themselves clashing in an out of the world conflict instigated by mysterious forces.

The two foes soon find out that their rivalry is only the beginning of the mystery that lies deep within the core of the Earth.

Who stars in it?

Star of the film will be Alexander Skarsgård as Nathan Lind, a geologist who works closely alongside Kong, and a character the actor has described as "not an alpha, bad-ass" and "thrown into this very dangerous situation and is definitely not equipped for it.”

Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown will be reprising her role as Madison Russell, and as the character goes on a journey, she’ll have to decide whether to ultimately side with Godzilla or Kong.

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Also on the cast are Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Shun Oguri, Eiza González, and Julian Dennison, while Lance Reddick and Jessica Henwick have been cast in undisclosed roles.

Who’s directing it?

Behind the camera is American director Adam Wingard, a 38-year old known primarily for his work in the horror genre.

He’s directed critically acclaimed films like creepy uninvited visitor thriller The Guest, and gory comedy-horror You’re Next, but may have a tough time wrangling similarly glowing reviews from critics with his new film (2019’s big-screen Godzilla effort was roundly panned).

Screenwriter Eric Pearson brings some promise to the production, having previously worked on the infinitely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe series of films – including Thor: Ragnarok and the upcoming Black Widow.

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He’s sharing writing duties with Max Borenstein, who’s lent his penmanship to all of the MonsterVerse films thus far.

The film was shot long before the coronavirus pandemic took its grasp on the world – between November 2018 and April 2019 in locations like Hawaii and Australia

When can I watch it?

In December 2020, Warner Bros announced that all of its 2021 releases will arrive on its HBO Max streaming service at the same time as in cinemas in the US – that includes Godzilla Vs Kong.

HBO Max, which is not yet available in the UK, is a rival to platforms including Netflix and Disney+.

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It was originally scheduled for a November 2020 release in cinemas, but that was pushed back to 21 MAy 2021.

However, the release date has now been brought forward by a couple of months; Godzilla vs Kong will now release in cinemas on 26 March 2021.

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