Gig review: Roy Ayers At The Wardrobe, Leeds

As the 30-something hipsters and the school leavers headed to the festivals, the rest of Leeds turned up in their droves to witness jazz vibraphone legend Roy Ayers at The Wardrobe on Friday night.
Roy AyersRoy Ayers
Roy Ayers

A fair too many technical hiccups hindered the first few cuts, with Ayers and the band gallantly trying to hold it all together whilst the sound of the majestic vibraphone failed to respond.

Once the band found their stride and became to be the professional touring act fans have come to expect, the whole venue was electrified.

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Ayers and the band had the crowd in the palm of their hands, people of all ages and races dancing in unison, in a display of musical power that had the fans on their feet throughout.

The band delighted in improvising and jamming, conducting long instrumental solos and feeding off each others ability to follow suit. No two nights can ever be the same as they riff around the structure of the songs whilst Ayers confidently and patiently watches from the sidelines, himself enraptured by the music before stepping in to sing along and joining in with the band.

On a typically Yorkshire bank holiday weekend, everybody loved the sunshine that the band brought to the city.

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