Gig review: Knuckle at Warehouse 23, Wakefield

Sometimes a band can’t be contained on record.

Sometimes a band needs to be let loose live and Knuckle are one of those bands.

Like an unhinged indie-rock Rage Against The Machine mixed with the best vocal elements of Wolfmother and Jack White, particularly with my favourites Cash and Carry and Life Is Hard When You’re Soft Inside, Knuckle are very much a bombastic live act.

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Its little wonder their previous Wakefield performance was so over subscribed.

Playing to a hometown crowd of Knuckle enthusiasts, the band commanded the venue from the first to the last scuzzy chord.

There has not been a band that has caused so much of a stir and response like Knuckle in Wakefield for over 10 years. Filling a venue on a cold Saturday evening is no mean feat, and Knuckle proudly wore their appreciation on their faces.

Guitar music has had a dry spell in the past few years, however Knuckle are bringing back dirty groove laden rock to the masses. Like the aforementioned Jack White before them, the three- piece play their mix of blues and Zeppelin-esque stylings with a guttural passion.

This band has a solid future ahead and proved on this night in Wakefield that live music still has a beating heart in the city. Knuckle will catch you, make sure you catch them too.

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