Album review: The Bleeding Obvious by The Bleeding Obvious

The Bleeding Obvious. Picture: Jess RowbottomThe Bleeding Obvious. Picture: Jess Rowbottom
The Bleeding Obvious. Picture: Jess Rowbottom
What am I hearing here? What will you be hearing when The Bleeding Obvious debut hits your headphones?

Albums reveal themselves to people in many ways, emotional, uplifting, sorrowful, personal. All good albums should bring out some feeling, and my god this album is bleeding through with the full spectrum.

At once eclectic but original, like Misty’s Big Adventure sampling Pet Shop Boys with stark Parisienne overtones and Chic-esque disco funk, this debut has it all and then some.

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It would be remiss to off-handedly pick apart the often obvious double entendres of track names such as ‘Double Hard’ (a stand-out of the record), or the deeply emotional message inherent in ‘Not Dead Yet’ and ‘Sailing Alone’ without understanding and underscoring the context within.

This is an album full of the joy of life, the joy of friends and the joy that over coming life’s adversities can ultimately bring.

This is a time capsule of an artist bringing life and light to not only their own experiences, but that of others. Personal yet accessible, tongue in cheek but with a stiletto firmly on the dancefloor, The Bleeding Obvious’ debut feels like a passport to a happy land.

Bring a friend, bring your heart and bring a tall glass of Gin. In a word, splendid!

The album is released November 17 and there is a launch gig on November 19 at Unity Hall in Wakefield. For details visit

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