Where to get the best view of the Tour de Yorkshire

Race organisers anticipate that around one million spectators will venture out on to the roadside to witness the debut Tour de Yorkshire roll by.

By Jonathan Brown
Tuesday, 21st April 2015, 12:16 pm
How to see the Tour de Yorkshire
How to see the Tour de Yorkshire

With an exciting field of riders ready, the county’s world-renowned cycling roads primed and Yorkshire’s trademark welcome in prospect, those heading out to watch the race should pick their viewing spot carefully given that rolling road closures may make travel difficult during the race weekend.

Top cyclists can speed up mountain climbs quicker than average riders can push on the flat, so finding the perfect vantage point can be pretty vital to ensuring you make the most of the experience and get the best taste of the action.

Without a doubt the best spots to watch the Tour de Yorkshire will come during the ceremonial start and finish points and the competitive segments of the race – the categorised climbs and the sprints.

During sprint sections the pros chasing jerseys will fight it out by powering through stretches at blistering speeds.

Climbs can offer a more up close and personal view of the elite riders, who slow slightly during heavy inclines, while categorised climbs usually coincide with high altitudes and astounding views.

Alternatively, seeing the stages roll into action or speed to a finish line climax can offer similar excitement, amid the bumper crowds on May 1, 2 and 3. And if you’re keen on getting a glimpse of the riders while later enjoying the race on a big screen, spectator hubs could prove the best of both worlds.


How to see the Tour de Yorkshire


How to see the Tour de Yorkshire