Konrad Hurrell: ‘Crazy’ Leeds Rhinos fans play big part in ‘amazing’ matchday atmosphere

Konrad Hurrell.
Konrad Hurrell.
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YOU HAVE some pretty crazy fans over here.

Obviously we haven’t been at home yet, but the atmosphere for the last two games has been amazing, from the home fans and the fans who travel to watch us.

Leeds Rhinos fans.

Leeds Rhinos fans.

Big respect to them.

The fans here really make the game better, they support their team and get behind the boys and I love the signing and how you give it to the players as well!

I want to thank everyone for the welcome they have given me.

It is good to interact with the supporters and to get to meet them after the game – and it’ll be even better when we are celebrating a win together.

Some people in the NRL might say it’ll be a bit easier over here, but it isn’t; it’s still tough and fast and it’s harder here because it’s cold as well.

Konrad Hurrell

I’ve been here a couple of months now and it has been good.

The first month was hard, just training and trying to get used to everything, but now the footy’s on it’s a lot better.

It would have been even better with two wins, but I guess that’s how footy is.

My partner Rebecca is here now and that makes everything better. I have settled in well and I am really enjoying it.

Leeds Rhinos head coach Dave Furner.

Leeds Rhinos head coach Dave Furner.

As a team we have had a tough start, but we’ve played the top two teams from last year and I think, for a new team, we are heading in the right direction.

That hasn’t shown on the scoreboard, but it feels like we are building and getting better and with a few tweaks we should, hopefully, get some points on board and get a win this week.

We did some good things against Wigan.

We’ve reviewed the game and it was just a few errors and penalties we gave away in their yardage that carried them out into our half.

We can’t give those kind of penalties and errors to a good team; it makes it too hard on us, but if we stick to a game plan and everything works and we minimise our errors and silly penalties, we should be all right.

It feels like our combinations are getting to where they need to be and we are still working hard. It is going to be another tough game this week against Salford.

They are a good team and they are two wins from two so it’s another big test for us.

It isn’t going to be easy for us because we’ve got St Helens away next week as well, but we are just focused on this week and, I guess, if we get a win we will get a roll on from there.

We have still got confidence in each other and the game plan Dave Furner has given us and we just need to stick to it.

Super League is a good competition.

It has only been two games, but I am loving it.

Some people in the NRL might say it’ll be a bit easier over here, but it isn’t; it’s still tough and fast and it’s harder here because it’s cold as well.

You might have a nice sunny day, but the conditions are still tough to get used to, but that’s part of the challenge.

It will be good to see how the World Club Challenge goes this week.

It will be the first game for the Roosters and, obviously, Wigan have already had a couple of games in their pocket.

It is going to be a good game, but Roosters have still got their team from last year.

They had a young team last year, with a few older players to guide them and they’ve stuck together so they will be good again.

I reckon it will be tough and close.

I can’t pick who is going to win, but I think it will be a good game.