A-Z of Leeds Rhinos - 'R' is for...Records.

Here are some of Leeds’ most significant team and individual records.

Sunday, 10th May 2020, 2:52 pm
Brett Mullins scores for Rhinos during their record 106-10 win at Swinton Lions in 2001. Picture by Mark Bickerdike.

Team -

Highest score: 106-10 at Swinton Lions, Challenge Cup, February 11, 2001; most points conceded: 74-6 at Wigan, Premiership semi-final, May 10, 1992.

Biggest winning margin: 102-0 v Coventry, April 12, 1913; biggest losing margin: 71-0 at Wakefield Trinity, September 12, 1945.

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Price Harry meets Ronnie Rhino. Picture by Simon Hulme.

Most league wins in a season: 32 - 1927-28; most consecutive wins: 18 - 1956-57 and 1967-68; most consecutive defeats: 10 - 1945-46; most points scored in a season: 1,424 - 2005.

Individual -

Most tries in a game: 8 - Fred Webster v Coventry, April 12, 1913 and Eric Harris v Bradford Northern, September 14, 1931; most goals in a game: 17 - Iestyn Harris v Swinton, February 11, 2001; most points in a game: 42 - Iestyn Harris v Huddersfield Giants, July 16, 1999.

Most points in a career: 3,967 - Kevin Sinfield, 1997-2015; most goals in a career: 1,831 - Kevin Sinfield; most points in a season: 431 - Lewis Jones, 1956-57; most goals in a season: 173 - Kevin Sinfield, 2012.

Harold Buck with his wife and the Challenge Cup after Leeds' win in 1923

Most appearances: 625 (including 21 sub) - John Holmes, 1968-89; most consecutive appearances - 182 - Francis Cummins, 1998-2003.

‘R’ is also for...Ronnie Rhino.

The mascot made his debut at a home game against Oldham in 1997 and stood for Parliament in that year’s general election, receiving 232 votes in Leeds North West.

Married to Rita, they had two children, Ricky and Rosie, but Ronnie’s family disappeared in mysterious circumstances in the early 2000s.

Like James Bond and Dr Who, Ronnie has had several incarnations, one of the earliest defecting to become Bradford’s rival Bull Boy.

‘R’ is also for... Royal Naval Depot.

The Plymouth-based outfit, including Leeds players WA Davies and Joe Brittain, faced the Loiners at Headingley in March, 1917 - under rugby union rules - and won 19-13.

Hunslet's Harold Buck, who scored for Leeds as a guest player in that game, turned out for Naval Depot - along with Brittain - when they returned on Christmas Eve and Leeds were again beaten, 9-3 in a 15-a-side clash.

Four days later the sides played under Northern Union (now rugby league) laws and Naval Depot won 24-3. As well as Buck and Brittain, the visitors' side that day included Wakefield Trinity legend Jonty Parkin.

Buck, a winger, later joined Leeds from Hunslet in rugby league's first £1,000 transfer.

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