READER’S LETTER: Would sacrificing Kalvin Phillips in the summer have allowed Leeds United to buy the striker they need?

Leeds United's Kalvin Phillips: Should he have been sold?Leeds United's Kalvin Phillips: Should he have been sold?
Leeds United's Kalvin Phillips: Should he have been sold?
Leeds United supporter Peter Collins, of London, who is ‘old enough to have watched a real goal-scorer in Allan Clarke’ writes:

There really is no mystery about our team.

Last season all we were lacking was a proven goal-scorer‎ who playing in that team would have scored around 30 goals and Leeds would have waltzed into the Premier League by the end of March and not even needed any high pressure matches against mighty 10-man Wigan in April.

I am sure I was not the only one to believe Leeds’ transfer priority in the summer was to go out and acquire ‎a proven Championship-level goal-scorer. I was shocked we didn’t. So now we have to suck up the consequences of that failure, and it really is no surprise that only a few games in we are already talking about the same issue as the whole of last season.

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We needed to buy, or get on loan as is the current trend, the sort of player Chris Wood became, where he bumbled in all types of goals every game – or Lee Chapman before him the last time we got promoted out of this league 30 years ago. I realise they probably don’t come cheap but they’re hardly word-class so should be within our price range considering we paid such a huge sum for Bamford, a totally unreliable, injury-prone striker who will miss more chances than he takes.

If we really tried and could not get one, allegedly mindful ‎of the financial fair play rules, then perhaps it would have been worth sacrificing Kalvin Phillips, and using the money for a striker. It would have been worth it. Bielsa is a genius at deploying players like chess pieces so could have covered the loss of Phillips, but even he cannot manufacture a goal-scorer.