Your Leeds United views: Whites fast becoming a unit with Evans at the helm

Do Leeds United require a '˜seek and destroy' attitude? The Elland Road faithful have their say.
Sol Bamba celebrates scoring against Wolverhampton Wanderers.Sol Bamba celebrates scoring against Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Sol Bamba celebrates scoring against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Jimmy2minutes, via

Leeds have had a season where at least 20 points have been lost to games done and dusted through defensive errors – not just errors, disasters.

There always seems to be flapping when we are in front, and you just know the opposition will draw level in a few minutes. We do need a seek and destroy attitude.

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Steve Evans is a good manager for the team, and is building confidence and a camaraderie that is beginning to show through the team.

It’s becoming a unit. It might already be so.

The side needs to glue together, and stay that way.

I don’t actually see Lewis Cook going anywhere, he’s the type of lad who wants to create through work and effort, rather than having a leg up to the Premier League and some super nice wages, where’s the pride in that?

You can say you would not blame a kid for doing what Sam Byram did, well it’s a gamble, and best of luck to him, but it’s only money and it’s also a free pass to the Premier League. And that’s the difference, earning it, and sticking with your unit through thick and thin, and being accountable with everyone else.

Just look at Giuseppe Bellusci, he’s a liability, but he is also passionate and brilliant, he’s about as random as you get, but he’s always forgiven as he does his best for the team.

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Tyler Denton in the under-21s at Leeds United never gets a mention, yet he has played more games than any other player, as he is a defender which is not the most exciting position, and doesn’t get the headlines, but the lad can really shift.

Stability is the key for United

Michael Copley, via

Momentum’s building. Give Steve Evans that two-year contract and let’s do this.

Hopefully Massimo Cellino holds firm and doesn’t get tempted by a £20m+ bid for Lewis Cook (yup, it’s silly money season in the Premier League next season) and we keep hold of them all for one more season.

It’s unlikely Cook will sign a longer term contract because financially he could earn 5x the amount in the Premier League – but hold him to his contract and hopefully he once again shines and we get a fair price at the end of next season if we fail to get promoted, or we get promoted and he has no reason to leave.

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The wage cap’s going to have to be lifted so it will be a challenge but if we can fill the stadium and Cellino can avoid any rash decisions and all the usual sideshows then it can be the season we’ve been waiting for.