Your Leeds United views: Repeat performance will be required in FA Cup

Scouting, top flightr football and the Watford clash have been dominating debate among the Leeds United faithful.

Thursday, 18th February 2016, 7:30 am
Updated Thursday, 18th February 2016, 7:35 am
Scott Wootton battles for the ball with Middlesbrough's Ritchie De Laet. PIC: PA

eastyorkie, via website

I CAN ask no more of the Leeds United players than they put in as much effort against Watford in the FA Cup as they did against Middlesbrough in the Championship on Monday night.

Yes, we lack in creative players – or any kind of attacking system – but if they work and press like they did on Monday, then we will get the odd chance and then we just need to get lucky.

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It will be good to see them up against a Premiership team. If Watford ‘don’t turn up’, then we can win it, as long as we stick at it for 95 minutes, because we do know that there will be at least five minutes of stoppage time if Leeds happen to be a goal up!

Top flight could be lost forever

WhiteSoul, via website

MY FEAR: From next season any Championship club NOT in receipt of parachute payments will find it virtually impossible to get into the Premiership.

A group of super-rich clubs is going to be created. This will consist of the teams in the Premiership and the teams formerly in the Premiership who receive parachute payments.

Only those teams will be able to aspire to gain promotion to the Premiership.

Effectively we are creating a roundabout of rich clubs who will take it in turns to be relegated and promoted.

If Leeds United are to be one of those clubs, promotion next year is essential.

If we fail next year we will probably NEVER be in the top flight again.

Scouting has let the club down

Tykeabroad, via website

If CHRIS WOOD is injured then he get’s my sympathy but he really does owe us big style.

The crazy thing is the club signed him injured, he was carrying a hamstring when he signed on.

Pretty much representative of the lack of nous the club’s scouting network possesses and there are many other examples.

The likes of Botaka, Sloth and Erwin must wonder why they signed. Erwin was warned by his manager that he was making a mistake.