Your Leeds United views: No need to sack coach if owner's remit is fulfilled

Leeds United's '˜senior' players and Steve Evans have been dominating debate among the Elland Road faithful.

Thursday, 24th March 2016, 7:16 am
Updated Thursday, 24th March 2016, 7:17 am
Pep Guardiola.

Jack Sparrow 1976, via website

Probably no-one will agree with me, but I’m totally against sacking yet another (Leeds United) manager.

I think Steve Evans has done a good job with the finances he has, and we are looking at the highest finish in the league for years. He came in to stop Leeds being relegated. Massimo Cellino said that’s his remit, and after Leeds are safe he will be given another year.

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You could get Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho in and still not do any better with Cellino in charge.

Leeds need more than a pep talk

ak10, via website

Who are these ‘senior’ players who have ‘lost confidence’ in (Leeds United head coach) Steve Evans!?!

I would like to know because I don’t see any evidence of ‘senior’ players doing their jobs on the pitch. When a team is struggling on the pitch it should be the ‘senior’ players who take control and sort things out.

The evidence with Leeds United is that when things go wrong on the pitch the ‘senior’ players do nothing to help the other players. Yes, the head coach is responsible for setting things up, but if it is clear that’s not working during the game then the ‘senior’ players on the pitch need to take some responsibility. I don’t see that happening.

Not many of our ‘senior’ players seem certain of a starting place because they are not as good as younger players, and when they do play they do not bring what you need from them. We don’t have many that I would call ‘senior’ players, and those we do have don’t display enough leadership qualities.

Steve Evans is not perfect and has made mistakes, but I think the so-called ‘senior’ players are a problem as well.

The suggestion that they go running to the owner (Massimo Cellino) is another indication that they are not what we need and are part of the problem rather than the solution. Perhaps the owner needs to consider whether the problem is actually the head coach or is it the ‘senior’ players?

Perhaps it is the ‘senior’ players and their shortcomings that has led to previous head coaches failing.

Of course, it is cheaper and easier to change head coaches rather than bring in the type and quality of ‘senior’ player we need.

The head coach can only work with what he has.

And, if he isn’t allowed to bring in the players he wants/needs, or hasn’t had time to, then don’t put ALL the blame on him!