Your Leeds United views: Move for striker Roofe is gamble despite his record

Striker Kemal Roofe and the appointment of Pep Clotet have been dominating debate among the Elland Road faithful.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 12:40 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 1:43 pm
Oxford United's Kemar Roofe (centre).
Oxford United's Kemar Roofe (centre).

Zac-Leeds, via website

YOU can’t argue with Kemar Roofe’s record at Oxford last year, although we need to be mindful that this was mainly in League Two. Yes, he showed in cup games against better opposition that he was not fazed, but it would still have to be considered a gamble...

Garry Monk is a man with a decent reputation within the game, despite his sacking at Swansea... so he can probably attract decent names to the club, but we will always have decent players from top divisions now being reluctant to come to Leeds whilst Massimo Cellino is here.

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If you are offered a deal by Leeds or say a Derby/Norwich which are run more steadily, but not neccesarily a bigger club, unfortunately we will lose out on those deals.

Let’s focus on proven players

WilsdenWhite, via website

No you can’t argue with Roofe’s record last year but are we really in a position to be taking a gamble on players like Roofe instead of signing proven players who know how to get out of the Championship?

Too many times this club has taken a gamble and the player couldn’t cut it. Billy Paynter hit 20+ at Swindon then came here and went in barn door mode for the duration. We shouldn’t be taking gambles on players, especially not strikers and especially not strikers who have had one good season in the basement division.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that yes it can work gambling on players, but do Leeds really have the time to be doing that? We effectively gambled on 15 players when Massimo Cellino arrived because we had never heard of any of them or saw what they could do (I don’t think Cellino had either) and how many have proved to be out and out successes? Zero.

Roofe may be worth a punt

Luvmeteam, via website

Looks like Roofe would be worth taking a gamble on, however I am expecting (better say hoping, it is more realistic) proven quality coming in to make us a top six contender.

Take a deep breath Massimo a minimum of £12m but more likely £15m needs to be spent on transfers without selling any of the young lads.

Give Monk time to get it right

South Stand Cop, via website

We’re all frustrated that nothing appears to be happening, but I’m sure Garry Monk has his targets identified, which take time to come to fruition – agents, fees, wages etc, etc.

I don’t think Monk would have agreed to come to Leeds and uproot his young family without some pretty substantial assurances from Cellino, so we have to wait and see. Monk will want to make a name for himself at Leeds, so we have to wait and see what he comes up with. He’ll have good contacts which I’m sure he’s using, so let’s give him the time it takes

Cock Sparrow, via website

Good to have Pep Clotet on board but we’re really clutching at straws if we call this ‘good news’.

Let’s leave this until we sign any half decent players or more significantly lock Charlie Taylor and Lewis Cook into longer deals. Incidentally I still find it odd that Massimo Cellino offered a deal to Bailey Peacock-Farrell, our third- choice keeper, and spent so much time negotiating terms giving ‘assurances’ before even offering deals to Cook and Taylor. Surely the latter are the priority?

If deals have been offered why do we hear nothing about these discussions, yet we seemingly had chapter and verse on Peacock-Farrell? Surely Cook and Taylor would generate more publicity.

Woodyimpai, via website

Clotet is a good appointment and has Premier experience and it looks like this summer will be another good one.

There’s been a lot of good news being swept under the carpet in favour of ridicule. It’s so obvious that the club is working hard to get things right for this coming season,