This is the Leeds United steward who went viral after incredible act of kindness at Elland Road

A Leeds United steward who went viral after an incredible act of kindness to a six-year-old at Elland Road told the YEP he hoped the boy would always remember the moment he lifted him onto the advertising boards.

Mick Grundell, 61, has worked at Elland Road for the last nine years and is very popular with supporters - who took to the YEP Facebook page to praise him for many acts over the years.

He said he loves speaking to fans before and after the match "and wishing them an enjoyable time".

As seen in the YEP earlier this week, Mick went viral on Twitter after he was pictured with six-year-old Freddie Bremner Burnell after the Crewe match on Tuesday.

"I could see in his face he was so happy."

Mick had lifted Freddie onto the advertising boards at the front of the stand to allow him a much better view.

His kindness was not lost on Leeds United fans who sent hundreds of messages of praise

According to Emma, Mick told them: "Children need memories".

She was blown away by his generous gesture and posted about it on Twitter.

"I could see in his face he was so happy."

Now, Mick told the YEP he hoped the moment would be a memory Freddie would cherish,

He told the YEP: "I like to talk to the fans who support Leeds United and politely wish them a great time at the match.

"When his mum asked me at first I said no but when I looked down the line, there were a lot of parents putting their children on top of the matrix displays.

"I turned round and picked Freddie up and put him on top of the display box.

"I could see in his face he was so happy.

"I just thought to myself, he will never forget what I did.

"Kids need memories like this."

Mick said he loved working at Elland Road.

Freddie's mum told Mick about his footballing abilities - having been scouted at an early age.

Mick added: "His mum said to keep an eye out for him in the future.

"I said I will."