The points total that Leeds United might well need but can obtain to stay up - David Prutton

Leeds United’s survival fate is now out of their own hands which is the scary thing.

By David Prutton
Saturday, 7th May 2022, 11:20 am

But that’s not to say for one second that anybody gets too down about it given where they are, what they have done and what the rest of this season could entail.

It could all be a lot of worry for nothing.

But right now what’s in front of them is a tough run of games whilst being surrounded by two teams that have somehow started to pull their finger out.

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BACKING: David Prutton believes Whites boss Jesse Marsch, above, can still guide Leeds United to Premier League survival despite the club's destiny having fallen out of their own hands. Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images.

Did anyone see Everton getting that result against Chelsea? Absolutely not, and it was a great turnaround by Burnley as well to win at Watford.

The more you read about the utter financial armageddon possibly linked with Burnley if they go out of the division is another motivational tool to use.

I think it all means that the mood has changed at Leeds but I don’t think for one second that anybody thought at any stage confidently that the Whites were home and hosed.

Leeds can only concentrate on what they can do. But even that prospect is probably making fans feel jittery because even if they produce a wonderful run of results, if those results are matched by the teams around them – ie Burnley and Everton – then they could be in serious trouble.

But that’s now the situation and feeling sorry for themselves isn’t going to help.

The injury to Stuart Dallas is another injury which has exacerbated a season which has been very disrupted as and when they have needed their best players.

The hope comes from the way that Leeds go about their games and what they can take care of going forward and then in other teams not necessarily doing them a favour but ultimately falling short.

It’s absolutely not the ideal situation by any stretch of the imagination but that’s the situation they are in and they’ve got to get on with it.

Tomorrow’s trip to Arsenal is next for Leeds and you would give United more of a chance there than in last weekend’s clash against Manchester City.

Arsenal are fighting for a Champions League place but it’s still an Arsenal side that Leeds can beat and they can’t go into the game with any form of negativity.

This is when you look at your heroes to step up and step up they must. Anything less than utter commitment and total focus is not good enough and then after that you just never know.

Look at Wednesday night’s Champions League semi-final second leg between Real Madrid and Manchester City.

I turned it off at 87 minutes thinking that City were absolutely cruising but it didn’t turn out to be the case and history books are re-written.

It’s not insurmountable where Leeds are and you have got to have faith in what you can do without having to rely on people and thinking please do us a favour but they have got to get on with it.

Everton and Burnley have got run-ins that you could see them getting points from and definitely as much as nine or 10 points.

But I also think that Leeds can get the results too because they have shown in the past against teams that when their backs are against the wall they have been able to get a result.

Burnley as a squad and a club have had a little bit of experience of fighting their way out of it and Everton have got the quality.

They have just been a woefully underperforming club for several seasons but sod’s law says they will pull their fingers out now to stay in the division and then go again next year.

Leeds at their max are a team that should sit in the middle portion of the Premier League but they haven’t been operating at their max due to form, fitness and everything that professional football throws at them.

It’s now a straight fight to avoid finishing in that 18th place and I can absolutely see all three teams garnering the points because of what I saw last weekend.

I thought going into the weekend that you look at Everton and think that is a banker for Leeds with them playing Chelsea.

But obviously not and you cannot come away from the dynamics of it – Frank Lampard under pressure against a club that he was an absolute legend for.

Stranger things have happened and that’s exactly what did.

But if it turns out that Leeds need nine or 10 points then I still think they can do it. I absolutely can.

Chelsea come to Elland Road on Wednesday night and whether we see a different side after having a kick up the backside following defeat to Everton remains to be seen.

Brighton and Brentford are then United’s last two games and you can look at the examples they have both set.

With Brentford there are shades of what Leeds did going into their first season back and you can look at Brighton have done but they are both beatable.

The hope would be that you end up meeting a team with that old saying of being on the beach. But it doesn’t happen in the Premier League.

Even though teams can underperform and be woefully under selling themselves and their fans, as we have seen from some big clubs at the bottom, it’s still an utterly ruthless league of football.

If Leeds think that anyone else is going to do them any favours they are going to be in for a shock.

They have got to do their job and just hope.