Target in sight - Leeds United fans donate £15k to food banks in protest at Premier League pay per view prices

Ahead of tomorrow night's pay per view clash with Aston Villa, Leeds United fans are close to matching the £20k raised for food banks by their Newcastle United counterparts in protest at the price of watching PPV games.

By Graham Smyth
Thursday, 22nd October 2020, 4:44 pm

The Leeds United Supporters Trust opposed the £14.95 PPV fee that has been attached to games that weren't initially chosen by broadcasters. And on Monday they launched a campaign to mirror the efforts of Magpies fans, in aid of Leeds Fans Foodbanks, a partnership between the Trust and two local food banks. Fans were challenged to donate the £14.95 they were being asked to pay to watch the Villa game to the cause.

Vice chairman of the Trust Graham Hyde told the YEP that the response from Whites has been 'phenomenal.'

"We saw the success of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust's efforts and we had already come out against the pay per view around the price point being wrong, fans already having their season ticket money invested," he said.

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"But the success of their linking it to food banks showed us it was a great opportunity to continue to support the food banks we do. We went live with the campaign on Monday.

"It's always nice when Trusts across the country get together on initiatives but in terms of the fans they've been very supportive. The general sense is that the £14.95 is excessive, it feels a bit greedy. So the concept of feeding the needy rather than the greedy has gone down very well with fans."

The Trust had already raised more than £31k for the food banks before this week's campaign but Leeds fans have given a staggering amount and are closing in on the £50k target set by the Trust.

"Prior to Monday we were at £31,650 and we're now a hundred quid short of £45,650 so we're just shy of £14k for the week," said Hyde.

GENEROSITY - Leeds United fans are closing in on the target set by Newcastle United fans, as local food banks benefit from protests against Premier League pay per view prices. Pic: Getty

"In four days it's just phenomenal. The Leeds fanbase never ceases to amaze us."

At the time of writing, the fundraising total was at £47,030, meaning Leeds fans have donated £15,380 since Monday.

Hyde hopes they can at least match the generosity of Newcastle fans by tomorrow's 8pm kick-off.

"The initial target has had to be bumped up over time but it's currently set to £50,000 and if we can make it by kick-off tomorrow, that would feel amazing," he said.

"I'm not saying we're competitive but Newcastle managed £20,000 so if we can go bigger than that, obviously we win."

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