Silver lining as Leeds United star is forced to a halt after three years of perpetual motion

Mateusz Klich is currently self isolating in a hotel room.

Saturday, 27th March 2021, 6:00 am
Leeds United playmaker Mateusz Klich. Pic: Getty

The negative test that followed a positive test has been followed by another positive test, so he's definitely out of Poland's games against Andorra and England.

As disappointing as it may be for the Leeds United midfielder to miss those games, the second one at Wembley and a chance to kick Kalvin Phillips in particular, this might not be such a bad situation for Klich, or the Whites.

Boredom might be a killer, but think of all that lovely sleep he can indulge in.

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As any father of a young child will attest, a chance of uninterrupted kip is never to be passed up.

And Klich admitted earlier in the week that tiredness had finally crept in and all that Bielsaball had finally caught up with him.

What he probably needs more than two more caps, 20-plus kilometres of running and memories of games against Andorra and England, is to put his feet up.

Before the international break, a hip injury was hindering the midfielder and forcibly ensconced in a hotel room he will have little option but to let his body relax and heal.

The demands of Bielsaball are huge, physically, but to live through almost three full, intense seasons at Leeds United must have taken a mental toll on all the players fortunate enough to pull on the white shirt.

There was little time to fully process the heartache they suffered at the end of Marcelo Bielsa's first season in charge, before they were going full tilt in training again in preparation for a second promotion bid.

When they achieved the dream, there was even less time to process what it was they had done, before they were going full tilt in training in preparation for the Premier League.

And here we are, nearing the end of this whirlwind campaign that has seen Bielsa's men take the top flight by storm and by surprise, carving out a comfortable midtable place for themselves.

Klich, despite a fine start, hasn't been the force he was in the Championship and it's possible that the demands, on top of last season's demands, on top of the season before's demands, have simply surmounted to a bit too much.

His isolation period began early enough that he'll be allowed to fly back to England next week well in time for the Sheffield United game.

Until then it's television, social media and some time on a console, which for a serious gamer like Klich might sound quite ideal.

After almost three years of perpetual motion, Klich has been brought to a halt. Maybe that's no bad thing.