Sensational Leeds United transfer speculation has begun but that's not today's story - Graham Smyth

The 2019/20 season hadn’t even finished before silly season began in earnest.

Thursday, 23rd July 2020, 11:32 am

Leeds United are linked with players from all over the world at all times, but it ramps up in the summer and the speculation will be relentless now that the Whites are back in the big time.

Everyone wants to read about Leeds, everyone wants to write about Leeds and everyone will want their little piece of the action before the transfer window is done.

There’s no getting around it and no getting away from it, shots have already been fired in the wild west of Premier League transfer gossip – Uruguayans, Argentinians, they’re all en route to Elland Road apparently – and the shooting won’t stop until the October deadline brings a ceasefire.

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It does no-one any harm to be linked to Leeds United and in many cases it will be agents loading the bullets.

There will obviously be new faces and that’s exciting for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with the buzz around a club when money is spent on talent.

Victor Orta does need to strengthen this side and give Marcelo Bielsa the tools he needs to maintain a Premier League place next season, there are areas of the team that require the addition of top-flight ability.

It would be a shame, however, if the players who have carried the club back to the top flight on legs that have run themselves into the ground, players who deserve to be carried around the city for what they have achieved, to become collateral damage of the hype surrounding potential new team-mates.

HEROES - Marcelo Bielsa and his Leeds United players are the story today, not poptential new signings. Pic: Tony Johnson

Bielsa has tried to put a placatory hand up to halt the bullets bearing questions about his future, the club’s future, what they need to add to be Premier League ready, so everyone takes a breath and enjoys the moment.

Why would you talk about Edinson Cavani when you should still be talking about Patrick Bamford?

The future will be taken care of. Don’t neglect the present.Let the bubbly go completely flat before you sober up with a greasy stomachful of tabloid gossip.

Take a moment to laud and fete the virtues and the contribution of each and every person who has made Leeds United’s dream a reality.

NEWSWORTHY - Leeds United finished the season with a flourish and a 4-0 win over Charlton Athletic to move to 93 points, 10 clear of second placed West Bromwich Albion. Pic: Tony Johnson

If it wasn’t for Bamford and his 16 goals, the name Cavani couldn’t be uttered in a sentence containing Leeds United.

In any case, even if Bielsa is handed a shiny new goalscorer, I know who my money is on to lead the line in the first Premier League fixture, regardless of whether or not a well known commercial radio station feels it’s appropriate to debate the point before Bamford’s hangover has even subsided.

It’s possible to celebrate this squad and get excited about new additions at the same time, you might say. Rewatching Luke Ayling’s net-buster against Huddersfield on the phone, while loading a story about Mauricio Isla on the tablet and keeping an eye on the yellow ticker on the telly.

That’s true, but what do the heroes who went through a year of physical and mental torture to allow the club to start fishing in a bigger pond think, when the talk has already moved on to the men who might come in and take their shirts?

That’s football for you, but it doesn’t have to be, not in Leeds, not this week at least. These are still today’s heroes, not yesterday’s.

Andrea Radrizzani and Orta are already working, they can’t let the grass grow under their feet with such little time to get ready for a 2020/21 season that will be upon us in no time, but the players should still be basking in the limelight, the glory and the attention their efforts have warranted. They have earned their day in the sun.

Bielsa has earned the right to dish out advice.

This is what he said on Sunday: “It is a moment to say thanks to our players, try to dedicate this achievement to our supporters and say thanks to the club and the ownership for all they allow us to do.”

Any news? Yes, there is actually. Leeds United are going up as champions. That’s the story.