Revealed: Stats show how 'fair' Leeds United, Everton & Arsenal results were last weekend

The 2020/21 Premier League campaign had its sixth gameweek last weekend, and the action certainly didn't disappoint, with stunning goals, more shock results and dramatic late finishes upholding the competition's reputation for highly-entertaining football.

Wednesday, 28th October 2020, 12:26 pm
(Photo by LAURENCE GRIFFITHS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Stats experts Infogol have compiled their weekly Premier League result 'fairness' table, which ranks every result by how 'fair' it was, based on factors such as shots taken and xG (expected goals). Here's how Leeds United's big win over Aston Villa ranks alongside every other top tier game from last weekend.

Liverpool's shots: 17. Liverpool's xG: 2.76. Blades' shots: 13. Blades' xG: 1.69.
Fulham's shots: 16. Fulham's xG: 1.04. Palace's shots: 14. Palace's xG: 2.69.

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Brighton's shots: 5. Brighton's xG: 0.83. West Brom's shots: 10. West Brom's xG: 0.46.
United's shots: 14. United's xG: 0.78. Chelsea's shots: 6. Chelsea's xG: 0.26.
Wolves' shots: 16. Wolves' xG: 0.80. Magpies' shots: 5. Magpies' xG: 0.27.
West Ham's shots: 6. West Ham's xG: 0.34. City's shots: 14. City's xG: 1.06.
Villa's shots: 12. Villa's xG: 1.45. Leeds' shots: 27. Leeds' xG: 2.68.
Saints' shots: 13. Saints' xG: 0.75. Everton's shots: 6. Everton's xG: 0.34.
Arsenal's shots: 12. Arsenal's xG: 0.96. Foxes' shots: 6. Foxes' xG: 0.86.
Clarets' shots: 13. Clarets' xG: 1.05. Spurs' shots: 9. Spurs' xG: 0.78.