Brighton boss Graham Potter on Marcelo Bielsa's attackers and what he saw from 'fantastic' Leeds United at Tottenham Hotspur

Brighton boss Graham Potter is looking forward to facing a 'fantastic' Leeds United side but is wary of the threats posed by Marcelo Bielsa's attackers.

By Graham Smyth
Thursday, 25th November 2021, 3:51 pm

The Seagulls head coach was at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to witness Leeds' 2-1 defeat by Spurs first hand, something he enjoys doing after the Covid-19 pandemic made it harder to attend live games.

"Sometimes it’s nice to go, the reality now is we have these wide angle cameras, you don’t get TV cameras because you don’t get to see anything of the game, with the tactical cameras you can see the whole match," he said.

"When you’re analysing the game it’s nice to rewind and watch it again, whereas when you’re watching live you’re just seeing it as it is, but there is something to that. It’s also nice after the last 18 months to see some football and feel the atmosphere and watch the teams play in their own habitat so to speak."

He liked what he saw from Bielsa's men in London on Sunday and is keenly aware of the problems they could cause Brighton, particularly in the final third with the attackers the Argentine has at his disposal.

Patrick Bamford might not be ready to return from an ankle problem at the Amex Stadium, but Raphinha and Rodrigo are available again to complete a dangerous quartet.

"They've suffered a little bit with injuries, which can disrupt, of course, your team," said Potter.

"They missed some key players last time against Tottenham but even then they played really well first half. I was at the game and really impressed with how they went about the game. But you look at the front four - when they’re all fit it's four from five – Bamford, Rodrigo, Raphinha, Harrison and Dan James. So that's five dangerous players. And obviously Marcelo has done an amazing job there – it’s fantastic how they play, how clear they are with what they try and do, they want to perfect what try to do and I have huge respect for Leeds United. "

ANOTHER BATTLE - Graham Potter, right, and Marcelo Bielsa will do battle again when Leeds United visit Brighton on Saturday. Pic: Getty

That respect means this is a game he relishes, even if it means a difficult afternoon in store for his side.

"Every team brings its own something to the league, that’s what makes it so interesting," he said.

"The thing with Leeds is it’s so authentic, so clear and they’ve had an amazing journey with Marcelo [Bielsa] there, promotion and a big club like Leeds United with that support and belief behind them, they’re always going to be a fantastic opponent in the Premier League. So it’s a game you have to look forward to, you know what you’re going to get, you’re going to get an intensity that’s really impressive and you have to stand up to that."