Paul Madeley fan memories - 'A Rolls-Royce of a football player for Leeds United'

Leeds United legend Paul Madeley. (Getty)Leeds United legend Paul Madeley. (Getty)
Leeds United legend Paul Madeley. (Getty)
What are your memories of Paul 'Mr Versatile' Madeley?

Paul Madeley made over 700 appearances for Leeds United and played in every single outfield position at Elland Road.

He joined the club in 1963 from local outfit Farlsey Celtic and went on to spend 17 years with the Whites as a one club man.

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Madeley wore every shirt number- barring the number one - during his spell in West Yorkshire, such was his ability to adapt to various positions.

He was part of Don Revie's boys that won countless trophies and earned 24 England caps before hanging up his boots in 1980. Here, Whites' fans recall a player who meant so much to the Leeds faithful.

David Beaumont: "I remember the early 70s Christmas fixtures at Elland Road against Newcastle United.

"Used to watch the Paul Madeley v Malcolm McDonald duels with interest. Paul would give Malcolm two or three yards to start chasing the ball but like a group 1 racehorse he would glide past him with ease."

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Mikey: "A member of the 700+ club needs no qualification. We had several and I don't see it happening again. Gary Kelly came closest if I recall correctly."

Roger Cartwright: "Fortunate enough to see the Rolls Royce of football play many times. He was so graceful in how he used to glide across the pitch.

"In monetary terms not many teams would be able to afford him that's how good he was. God bless. MOT."

Chris Armitage: "Watched Paul Madeley play throughout his career. My memory of him is that his running style looked like he was walking quickly. A great player."

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Martin Ibbetson: "He scored a rare goal against Southampton on my 21st birthday in November 1978. Tony Currie scored the goal of the season in the same game. A Rolls Royce of a player."

Andrew Potts: "Not letting Johan Cruyff have a kick in 1975 European cup semi-final 1st leg."

Anonymous: "Whilst I was his paperboy in Bramhope, where he lived, I got knocked down crossing Leeds Road. My Dad knocked on his door and told him what happened. The next day he came to visit me in Jimmy's [St James' Hospital] with his medals. Lots of jealous boys on ward 27 that day."

Gary Ledger: "His nickname was 'The Tank'. Fantastic player."

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Alan Armitage: "Mr consistent, never saw him have a bad game no matter what position he was playing. He was also a very nice guy."

Richard Terrington: "He never lost it. Always calm and a gent. True Leeds legend."

Anonymous: "He always seemed to have time on the ball. Cool under pressure. Magnificent player."

Sharron Kirkbright: "True team player."

Kevin Dolecki: "Pure Class."

Christopher Howling: "Mr Majestic!"

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