LUTV presenter Emma Jones on Leeds United promotion: I can't wait to see Manchester United arrive at Elland Road

To celebrate Leeds United's momentous return to the Premier League, the Yorkshire Evening Post has spoken to Emma Jones, star presenter of LUTV to speak to her about what it means to her to see the club back in the top flight.
LUTV presenter Emma JonesLUTV presenter Emma Jones
LUTV presenter Emma Jones

And she told the Yorkshire Evening Post that she is immensely proud of what Marcelo Bielsa's men have achieved after '16 years of ups and downs'.

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She said: "This city has always been proud of it’s football club, but this weekend, 16 years of ups, downs, relegations and promotion battles were washed away with well-deserved beers and tears.

Emma Jones, presenter of LUTVEmma Jones, presenter of LUTV
Emma Jones, presenter of LUTV

"No club has a divine right to be in the Premier League, but Leeds United have earned that right. We have an owner who’s steadied the ship, a team who have dusted themselves down after last season’s play-offs and come back stronger, and a manager who is just as loved here as he is in his home country of Argentina.

"There’s a reason he has a stadium named after him in Rosario, and soon a street named after him in Leeds. For a footballing genius, he is humble and understated in his approach to life and that will make him a welcome addition to the Premier League.

"I have seen first hand the work that’s gone into this club behind the scenes. This success stretches far beyond the managers and players. It’s security on a matchday. Catering staff. Every, single person who works at Elland Road who’s grafted and hoped for this moment.

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"I am so excited to see the return of old rivalries. I can’t wait to see the Manchester United team arrive at Elland Road, and watch the terraces roar with chants and songs.

"I can’t wait for the Premier League to experience Marcelo Bielsa’s style of play, and for the team, who have put their hearts into promotion, to perform on the highest stage.

"I can’t wait to see the fans back where they belong. Truthfully, they make my job the best in the world. They’ve spent their hard earned money travelling up and down the country, watching their club experience misdirection and mismanagement in years gone by. They deserve this.

"It’s bittersweet that some of the Leeds United greats aren’t here to witness this long awaited success, but very apt that we celebrate Jack Charlton’s life, Marcelo Bielsa’s birthday and the Championship trophy being lifted all within 24 hours."

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Earlier this week Emma Jones spoke about battling online trolls and the perils of social media as part of the Yorkshire Evening Post's Call It Out campaign.

She said: "My view is if you wouldn't say it in the street, don't type it out on a keyboard. People feel online, there is a level of protection when they give this abuse and that they won't be pulled up on it.

"I am very open to the fact that I won't please everybody and I wouldn't expect to. If someone doesn't like my presenting style that is okay but when they target people for the way they look that is very different.

"I feel sad for them because this is a person that has thought out to type that and send it - because that would never cross my mind. They are also someone's son and daughter, brother and sister and it would be fascinating to sit down with these people and we would both probably go away feeling very different about each other."