A letter to Marcelo Bielsa - Leeds United fan pens tribute on behalf of Whites worldwide

Marcelo Bielsa has been heralded as a 'saviour' by a Leeds United fan who felt inspired to pen an open letter to the club's head coach following promotion to the Premier League.

Thursday, 30th July 2020, 5:45 am
INSPIRATIONAL - Marcelo Bielsa has connected with Leeds United fans worldwide and inspired them to believe again, says a Whites supporter who has penned an open letter to the head coach.

Anay Chaube has followed Leeds since 1998 and says he hugely respects what Bielsa stands for. So much so that he sent the YEP the following open letter to the Argentine, lauding the head coach's humility, honesty and humanity.

Bielsa is yet to put pen to paper on a contract extension for next season but is in talks with Leeds United over his future. The club remain confident he will lead them into their first top flight campaign since 2003/04.

Anay's letter reads...

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"Señor Bielsa,

In a world where lives are measured by social media likes, where being private means being irrelevant, where vanity is not just expected but applauded, you have been our saviour. Thank you! Thank you for the hard work, thank you for the honesty, thank you for the humility, thank you for your innate trust in the capability of men. Thank you for showing us a way that many felt was long lost.

Señor Bielsa, two years ago you came into our lives at a time where everything we knew to be right was being challenged in the world. The definition of leadership no longer included bringing people together, the definition of success was so often seen only through the prism of perceptions, the definition of modesty was implicit with failure. Not anymore. You have not only brought a club back to where it belongs, a community back to life, but for many who have gotten to know you, a desire to be the best kind of human again.

We were watching when you asked the players to pick the litter in the 18/19 pre-season. We were dazzled when we saw Leeds outclass former Premier League side Stoke City on opening day and then did the same to the ominous Derby, away. We were in love when a team that defined relentless, scored that third goal away at Aston Villa pre-Christmas eve. It just couldn’t be, this was not the Leeds way. A team that was ordained for midtable mediocrity was transformed. Players were transformed into men whose blood brimmed with belief and hearts pounded with passion. Top at Christmas, playing what was the most exciting brand of football possibly ever seen in the championship. The club had found its voice again, a city its soul.

And then we were to be damned. Again. No club had ever not been promoted after being first on Christmas day, Leeds themselves had never lost in this campaign after scoring first, and no club had ever not made it to the playoff finals after winning the first leg away. No club but Leeds. Once again Leeds fan were jolted to a time gone by, to the Spanish spring of 2001 when hope sprung eternal, to the relegation, to the points deduction and to more playoff heartbreaks as has been our wont. Leeds fans, so intricately schooled in the depths of despair of their own heart over 15 years, now learned that they knew nothing at all. The playoff loss felt not like a footballing loss, but a defeat of values, a defeat of ideals and a defeat of hope.

Thankfully you stayed, and we were able to breathe again.

Thankfully you persisted, and we were able to appreciate the journey again

Thankfully you believed, and we went marching on together again.

For Leeds fan, the words “We’re gonna stay with you forever, at least until the world stops going round” , a part of our anthem, will always be sung with pride signifying our undying allegiance to this great football club. But for so many of us now, it will add on an entirely new dimension, with you as the centrepiece.

Thank you again Señor Bielsa for believing in us, and for making us believe again in all that can be good in humankind. We will forever be in your debt.

Best Regards,

Anay Chaube"