'Leeds United's comeback will have meant nothing' - Millwall winger backs on-field conclusion to football season

Leeds United's season has been put on hold indefinitely

By Joe Urquhart
Sunday, 29th March 2020, 2:14 pm
Updated Sunday, 29th March 2020, 2:44 pm

Millwall's Jed Wallace believes voiding the Championship campaign would go against what playing football means, adding Leeds United's stunning Lions comeback will have meant nothing.

Football in England and across Europe has been put on hold indefinitely amid the global coronavirus outbreak.

Marcelo Bielsa's side - along with the rest of the second tier - have just nine games of the season to complete with the Whites eyeing a return to the Premier League following a 16-year absence.

Millwall winger Jed Wallace celebrates at Elland Road before Leeds United's comeback. (Image: Bruce Rollinson)

United sit top of the table and boast a seven-point cushion over third-place Fulham in the automatic promotion places.

The FA have set an initial date of April 30 for football to resume in England, but insist the game will only continue once it is safe to do so.

A number of scenarios have been put forward, from voiding the season to promoting teams on current standings.

Wallace, though, insists the current campaign needs to be completed on the pitch with so many teams already emotionally invested.

The 28-year-old used his sides unlikely 3-2 defeat at Elland Road as an example, where Leeds came back from a two-goal deficit at half-time to claim all three points.

"This season has to finish, in my opinion," Wallace told Southwark News.

"It's absolutely not fair on the teams at the bottom and the teams like us. There are so many complicating factors.

"What happens if the season gets voided? Do teams like Cardiff get another year of [Premier League] parachute payments?

"If the season did end all the emotions that have gone through it – the atmosphere in the stadium when we beat Charlton, the atmosphere at Elland Road when Leeds beat us, staged a comeback – those moments then mean nothing.

"That's what you play football for.

"My absolute worst scenario is the season is voided now. I would cancel all my holidays tomorrow, give up all my eight weeks off to get the season finished. That's what I want to do."

He added: "I'm sure there are certain clubs in the division thinking, 'if the season ends now that's great for us'.

"But if you do achieve something you want to do it the right way. You want to be there after 46 games.

"If you're down the bottom it's not fair, and if you do go up you want to feel you've achieved something over the course of the whole season.

"Even though, in my opinion, Leeds and West Brom are the two best teams in the whole league, if they go up now people will be saying, 'you didn't do the whole season, it was Coronavirus year'.

"I think for everyone involved, emotionally and in terms of it being an equal playing ground, it's only right to play out the whole season.