What next for Leeds United's Jordan Stevens after betting allegations - FA disciplinary process explained

Jordan Stevens must respond to the FA charge by next Thursday
Jordan Stevens must respond to the FA charge by next Thursday
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Should Jordan Stevens accept an FA charge over alleged betting activity his case will be dealt with by an independent regulatory commission.

The 19-year-old faces allegations over 59 bets on football, all made last season and must respond by next Thursday.

Leeds have confirmed in a statement that the midfielder will accept the charge and has fully co-operated with the club and the game's authorities since the issue was brought to light.

The statement added: "The player fully understands he has made an error and whilst we are aware that there may be consequences for his actions, we must also remember that Jordan is a 19-year-old man yet to cement his place as a first team footballer and we believe that educating young players around the various pitfalls which present themselves at this stage of their career is of the upmost importance.

"Therefore we are committed to standing by and supporting all of our young professionals, including Jordan Stevens."

Evidence, in cases like this one, is brought to the FA's attention in a number of ways, before a decision is taken on whether or not a player will face a charge.

An FA charge can be contested or accepted and if Stevens does indeed go with the latter option in his formal response to the authorities, he will face a personal hearing or a paper hearing, depending on what the club requests.

The FA will then convene an independent regulatory commission who will take the matter out of the FA's hands and decide on what the sanctions will be.

In previous cases commissions have considered factors such as the overall perception of the impact of the bets on game integrity, the number of bets and amount possible to win, the size of the bets, the facts and circumstances surrounding the pattern of betting, previous record, personal circumstances and assistance to the process and acceptance of the charge.