Leeds United and Premier League rivals agree to major rule change and confirm transfer window

Leeds United will be permitted to use five substitutions in the Premier League next season, if they stay in the top flight.

By Graham Smyth
Thursday, 31st March 2022, 3:07 pm

The Whites and their fellow Premier League clubs met today to discuss a number of issues, chief among which was substitution rules.

Jurgen Klopp is one of a number of managers who have called for a change to the number of replacements teams can use during games to aid player welfare and prevent injuries, and their argument has won out, with five permitted changes next season to be made on three occasions during a match. Half-time will present teams with an additional opportunity to make a swap. Sides will continue to name nine substitutes on the team sheet.

The change may prove a challenge for clubs like Leeds with smaller squads, if indeed they carry on down the path of having 18 senior players, supplemented by a number of high-potential Under 23s. One of the criticisms of the rule change, as made by managers like Sean Dyche, is that it favours the bigger clubs with their vast squads.

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The Premier League has also confirmed today that the Summer 2020 transfer window will open on June 10 and close at 11pm on September 1, in line with other European Leagues.

And the league has amended its remaining COVID-19 measures.

From April 4 twice-weekly COVID-19 testing of players and staff will move to symptomatic testing only.

A statement said: "Other key updates include the removal of the requirement for clinical passports to access previously restricted areas at training grounds and on match days as the Premier League returns to business-as-usual operations.

RULE CHANGE - Leeds United, if they stay up, and their Premier League rivals will be able to use five substitutes from next season. Pic: Getty

"The wellbeing of players and staff remains a priority and the Premier League will continue to monitor the national COVID-19 situation and adapt League-wide protocols as required, in line with the latest guidance from public health authorities and medical experts."