Marcelo Bielsa sees growth in Leeds United despite struggles in front of goal against Nottingham Forest

Marcelo Bielsa admitted his side created, but didn't take enough chances to beat Nottingham Forest, but still saw growth in his Leeds side during the 1-1 draw.
Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa.Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa.
Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa.

A packed Elland Road watched the Whites dominate the vast majority of the game, whipping cross after cross into the box and creating opportunities to comfortably take three points.

Yet they hit the net just once, through Pablo Hernandez, and then failed to deal with a corner that led to Lewis Grabban's scrappy equaliser.

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Head coach Bielsa said he was disappointed in the result but not his side's performance.

"With the performance of the team today we deserved a clear win," he said.

"We made 10 chances to have the same as the opponent, one goal.

"Two corners allowed them to score one goal.

"In the previous game we made the same chances as the opponent, but we scored (three) goals and they only scored one.

"Then it allowed us to have a clear win.

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"Of course our possibility to win games increases if we are able to score the chances we have."

Bielsa was questioned after the game about his side's inability to take chances, a problem that occurred last season and the Argentine boss said it's something they've been working on for over a year.

"In the first half we had a lot of possibilities to put balls into the box from the sides, especially with Dallas and Douglas, less with the wingers and some possibilities with Klich too," he said.

"But we didn't have a clear connection between the player who crossed and the player who shot to finish.

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"At the same time we had four players in the box waiting for the ball.

"We created 10 chances.

"Enough to win the game clearly.

"In the previous pass before the finish, we are training it from 15 months ago.

"But you don't have a clear relation between training and getting it on the pitch, because in the game there's a lot you can't control, it breaks that relation."

Regardless of the result, Bielsa is content that his side are making progress and even though they were full of attacking intent, he was happy with the way they defended for the most part.

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"I feel the growth of the team, they are not easily losing the ball, we didn't receive dangerous counter attacks, the team were calm to control the game," he said.

"Making mistakes that allow them to attack, losing the style of play, playing without real organisation, without order and these things didn't happened today.

"The fact that one team who insisted to create chances lose their focus or attention, today we didn't see that on the field.

"That's why I feel the growth, the evolution of the team because we didn't make mistakes that gave advantage to their offensive game.

"Despite attacking a lot, we defended well too."

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Bielsa, as per last season, wouldn't be drawn on the performance of referee Rob Jones, who was surrounded by Leeds players at the final whistle.

The Whites players felt they should have had at least one penalty, following a number of appeals, however the head coach didn't lay any blame at the feet of the official.

"I keep the habit to not criticise the referees," said Bielsa.

"We cannot link today the fact that we didn't win with the referee."