Leeds United: Rosler welcomes Cellino’s vote of confidence

Massimo CellinoMassimo Cellino
Massimo Cellino
Uwe Rosler believes a steady first season as Leeds United head coach will clear the way for more dramatic progress next year following a firm vote of confidence from Massimo Cellino.

Cellino spoke out in support of Rosler this week, saying the German was “the best person for me and team” and reiterating his promise to give Rosler time to make a success of the job.

Leeds’ Italian chairman has a reputation for treating coaches ruthlessly and went through four in his first 13 months as owner of United but Rosler is four months into his role and appears to retain Cellino’s support.

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Rosler’s squad will contest their 10th Championship game of the season at home to Birmingham City tomorrow and the club lie 15th in the table with 11 points.

Rosler - appointed in a two-year contract in May - is aiming for a top-10 finish and said a good campaign could lead to heavy investment in the transfer market next summer and lift Leeds to the “next level”.

“I know how football works,” Rosler said. “I do my best, I’m surrounded by good people and I enjoy myself.

“We have a productive relationship, me and the owner. We’re working very hard to make us better. Hopefully I can convince him to give me the time to finish the job here.

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“I get excited because I see in spells what is possible with these players. That’s what I’m working for. It’s simple.

“If we can convince the owner through this year that we’re improving then I think in the summer there’ll be chances for us to get to the next level on the recruitment side. I want to be part of this. We’ve put a lot of effort in to make it work.”

Speaking to the YEP on Tuesday, Cellino said: “This coach is the best person for me and for the team. He’s the coach I was looking for when 20, 30 people asked me to give them the job in May. I chose him and if you gave me the choice I would choose him again.

“If someone gave me the chance to change, I would take this coach and these players because we have something good here. This guy (Rosler), he is professional. I like him more than any coach I had here before.

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“He needs help, he needs help to relax a bit and to let the players relax, but believe me I’m going to let this work. Last year was a nightmare. This year feels better. I’m never happy but I think we are growing. The coach thinks that, I think that.”

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